FBI Seeks to Expose Terrorists; Obama Tries to Import Them!


By John W. Lillpop

As the FBI works through federal courts to force executives at Apple Computer to cooperate in applying high-technology solutions to unlocking crucial information generated by terrorists on Apple digital devices, President Obama presses full steam ahead with his personal vendetta against GITMO, the facility which has been successfully maintained for detaining Islamic terrorists committed to beheading or incinerating innocent people in order to advocate on behalf of the so-called “Religion of Peace.”

This conflict of wills can best be described as a concerted effort to protect national security and 330 million Americans versus the selfish, narcissist, inexplicable rantings of a failed ideologue to defend a “legacy” that, in fact, he should be working to deny!

As reported at the reference:

“Keeping the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay open is “contrary to our values,” President Obama said Tuesday, as he released a plan that examined 13 potential sites for transferring the suspected terrorists but did not propose any specific location.

His plan sets up a last-year confrontation with Congress about a campaign promise made eight years ago. Terrorists use Guantanamo as propaganda to recruit, and maintaining it harms U.S. national security, he said.”

With all due respect to our muddled Commander-in-Chief, protecting our nation and the American people against the ravages of Islamic savages is far and away more important than fulfilling an ignorant campaign promise made eight years ago by a naïve community organizer who has failed to learn a damn thing about American values or history over the past eight years!

Bottom Line: America needs GITMO, and most certainly does NOT Need Barack Obama and his insane, anti-American thinking and despicable legacy!

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  1. I believe the Gitmo issue has been so important to Obama’s narcissistic flaw as a human being, that a lobotomy would be necessary for his mind to function without that issue.
    It became even more dire to him upon his realization that with every act of Muslim jihad, public reaction became stronger to keep terrorists incarcerated at Gitmo whether questioning of them or not, they are isolated and essentially neutralized.

    However, telling Obama he cannot have his way is more than he can live with, his entire existence is formed around what he wants!
    I suggest that his policy of detente with Cuba is an outgrowth of his defeated idea of closing Gitmo. Now that he has befriended Cuba I believe he sees that as a reason to make a present to the Castros by his attempt to terminate the U.S. lease of Gitmo and return same to Cuba.

    He “kills two birds with one stone” if he can pull it off. He would demonstrate to the Castros that he’s omnipotent in the United States, they would have Gitmo returned to Cuba, and even more importantly and out of spite for the U.S.A., Obama’s ego would finally be satisfied by ending U.S. control of Gitmo.

    Once again, Obama’s will would be “justified”, what’s more important than any other reason is demonstrating that what he wants, he gets. He doesn’t even consider that Gitmo has been a strategic base for us in the Caribbean theater, he doesn’t care what U.S.A. forfeits, Obama has been satisfied and pulled-off, in his mind, a master stroke right into the face of the U.S.A.! This is the President of the United States…really posing as POTUS)

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