WATCH: Texas Governor Greg Abbott Formally Endorses Ted Cruz for President

Today, Texas Governor Greg Abbott endorsed Senator Ted Cruz for President.  You can watch his powerful endorsement here:

They appeared together at a campaign stop in Houston earlier today:

Both Governor Abbott and Senator Cruz have been working hard for not only Texas, but for the entire nation.  Here they discuss legislation introduced to protect the USA:

It is striking to see the mainstream media give Trump the attention and coverage with his stating that he wanted to stop Syrian refugees from entering this nation when in fact Cruz had been working to stop them and had been discussing this long before.

“Unlike far too many in Washington, the Ted Cruz we’ve seen in the Senate is the same Ted Cruz we elected, and he’s the same Ted Cruz I served with when I was attorney general,” Abbott rightly said.

Abbott speaks the truth about Cruz when he states that “conservative values are at his core.”

It’s time for conservatives to unite around Ted Cruz, the only conservative in the Presidential race.

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