Rush Limbaugh: Ted Cruz Fought the Washington Establishment. Donald Trump Donated to It

Rush Limbaugh states in this clip the truth about Trump being an insider and part of the establishment.  Trump has stated over and over again that he will make deals.  We already know what that means.  He will expand government.  He said so in Iowa when he said he would expand ethanol subsidies while Cruz courageously opposed them and rightly does not believe that government should pick winners and losers.  The free market should do that.

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Rush Limbaugh: Ted Cruz Fought the Washington Establishment. Donald Trump Donated to It, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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  1. The biggest difference is Cruz is not a natural born citizen and is making every effort to act like one to convince the people to accept him as one; Trump is a natural born citizen and doesn’t have to make an effort to convince everyone he’s eligible for that office.

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    • When did you become a Trump supporter? Ted Cruz is eligible to be President.

      Why back Trump when he is part of the problem with Washington when we can support Cruz who has fought the corruption of Washington? Ted Cruz has defended the Constitution and the rule of law.

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      • Cruz is no more eligible for that office than Marco Rubio or
        Barack Obama. He maintained his citizenship in Canada for 44 years even though he lived in the USA (Texas) for 40 years.

        He usurped a seat in the Senate in 2012. He “swapped” his Canadian citizenship for USA citizenship in 2014.

        If he’s a such constitutional scholar, where does it say a citizen of a foreign nation can have a seat in the Senate of the USA?

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  2. Please explain to me why, if Cruz loves the USA so vividly, why did he maintain his Canadian citizenship for 44 years (40 of them living in the USA). He relinquished his Canadian citizenship in 2014. To run in the presidential, perhaps? After all, he run for, a won the Texas seat in the Senate; violating the requirement of the Constitution; and he’s a constitutional scholar?

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