Newt Gingrich Reveals Certain Initiation Rites and Secret Societies to be President

newt-gingrichIn a very odd interview last night and Newt Gingrich was being interviewed by Bill O’Reilly and discussed what one would consider conspiracy theorist tin foil hat like talk about Initiation Rites and Secret Societies to become the US President.

Newt revelations were quite interesting: he claims the reason why the Republican Party hates Trump is because he has not gone through the “initiation rites” and is not a member of the “secret society.” What the heck?

Here is a clip:

What did he mean by this? which “rites” and which “secret society”?


Earlier today, Newt Gingrich came to Trump’s defense about missing CPAC and called conservatives “anti-trump activists.”  What’s going on with Newt Gingrich?

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  1. Gingrich was never a member of those secret societies and he obviously holds a grudge against them for his own run for POTUS.

    Newt sat on a outside bench with Nancy Pelosi for a TV advertisement trying to sell us global warming. When asked about it he said he didn’t remember it – AS IF the video isn’t still available.

    Gingrich is a worthless RINO who broke his contract with America after winning the fight against the Dims. He’s just like Trump, they’re in it for themselves.

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