Mark “The Great One” Levin Endorses Ted Cruz For President

Mark Levin, on his newly launched LevinTV, announced his support for Ted Cruz, as the next president of the United States.

Levin, said that Cruz supports and fights for the ‘Constitution, the Republic, individual sovereignty, separation of powers, the Bill of Rights, family, faith, a secure border, and our national security.

Levin said that he knows Cruz isn’t perfect, but looking at the ‘whole picture’ and looking at the entire career of Cruz it really is ‘a simple decision.’

He went on to say that his support of Cruz isn’t because of opposition to Donald Trump, John Kasich, or Marco Rubio. Instead, it is because Cruz understands ‘where this country has been and where it needs to go.’

Levin also said that if Cruz secures the GOP nomination, Cruz would win because facing Hillary he would know how to defeat her and know how to win.

For more about why Levin is backing Ted Cruz, watch the third episode of LevinTV here.

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