REPORT: Ben Carson to Endorse the Man who Compared Him to a Child Molestor

From The Right Scoop:

Unbelievable if this is true. Unbelievable.

Just for old times sake:

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  1. When Dr. Carson endorsed Donald Trump, at first I couldn’t believe it. Trump had trivialized Carson’s career of excellence, followed by Trump’s allegation concerning Carson linked with child molesting. By the time of Trump’s second comment, Trump had aimed character assassination at practically all/any of his competition on stage in one debate or another.

    Apparently, Trump has embraced the element of dissension as a campaign tactic. No, Trump didn’t consider how evil were his unfounded taunts and allegations, it was only a political-style he had adopted. I suppose it worked, Carson still holds Cruz responsible for something Cruz never did.

    It should be recalled that when Trump had become a runner-up in the Iowa contest, he called for a portion of Cruz’s tally to be proportionately divided between the second and third runners-up. (of which Trump was one of those runners-up).

    No campaign in my memory, and I first voted the year of the Eisenhower campaign, has been as dirty as the present one.
    Trump has been responsible for much of the chaos, little to no substance but plenty of comments that didn’t belong in such a venue. Apparently, his type of constituency sits in rapt attention as he spins the most minor of personal issues he believes have a place in debating.

    Matters such as his hair, his hand size, for which he had to assure everyone that he’s a demon in the bed-room, hotels he’s built, always “me”,”me,””me” and “I,””I,””I.” He does it better and more frequently than Obama!

    I’m still surprised and disappointed with Carson, he really didn’t need to endorse anyone, but somehow, some way, he endorsed Trump.

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