Turks continue criminal occupation of Byzantine

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The occupying Turkish Erdogan regime continues to severely repress Byzantine culture. The land which is today known as Turkey is actually Byzantine or the East Roman Empire, a traditionally Christian empire which is under Muslim occupation since 1453.

At the time, the Roman Pope of the Western Roman empire claimed rulership over the Byzantinian Pope who refused. For this reason, Rome withdrew help from Byzantine and allowed it to be conquered by the Muslims.

Ever since then Muslims have slaughtered the native European population and turned the country into a Muslim slaughterhouse.

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More than 5 million Christians were killed and their homes stolen, destroyed as well as the rest of their property confiscated. The way in which the Muslim Turks illegally took over Byzantine resembles the current ISIS slaughter perpetrated by radical Muslims in the Middle East.

Interestingly Turkey today criticize Israel for reclaiming its own land which was stolen by Arab Muslim settlers. Turks claim that the Jews are Khazars, and that Khazars rule the world. The reason for this is mainly that the Khazars were Turks. Thus by creating the lie about the Khazars, the Turks are secretly announcing themselves as a superior race because they know that the Khazars, like them, are Turks.

Last but not least it should be said that Turkey has not achieved anything since the illegal occupation began. They instead destroyed a lot of culture, such as during the Armenian genocide which killed upwards of 8 million Armenians.

The only achievement Turkey has produced since then is the world record for the man with the longest nose in the world. His name is Mehmet Ozyurek, and he is Turkish, not Jewish. It appears that the Turkish antisemitic propaganda of the long Jewish noses actually better suits the Turks themselves.

Terrorism expert Erick Stakelbeck, host of “The Watchman” on the Christian Broadcasting Network and author of “ISIS Exposed: Beheadings, Slavery, and the Hellish Reality of Radical Islam,” says Westerners are now in the familiar position of confronting the never-ending jihad by Muslims against the Christian world.

Reflecting on the 562 years since the fall of the Ottoman Empire, Stakelbeck says: “The conquest of Constantinople was a watershed moment in the jihad against the West. For centuries, the armies of Islam had threatened – and attempted – to take the city but were turned back. Their eventual victory on May 29, 1453, teaches us a few important lessons that are very much applicable today.”

The first lesson, he said, is “that Islamic jihadists are focused, driven, resilient and patient.”

“Just as they covet Jerusalem and Rome today, they had long targeted Constantinople for strategic and symbolic reasons and literally would not stop until they achieved their goal, despite numerous setbacks,” Stakelbeck said.

“Secondly, Islam is big on symbolism, particularly when it comes to vanquishing Christians and Jews and then triumphantly lording its domination over them. Constantinople was one of the great cities of the West and the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire, and it was also seen as a major stronghold of Christianity. Not only did the Ottoman armies ransack and pillage the city in 1453; they destroyed Christian symbols and converted the majestic Hagia Sophia church into a mosque. Message sent.”

In fact, the secular government of Atatürk turned the Hagia Sophia mosque into a museum in 1935. However, following Pope Francis’ public condemnation of the Armenian genocide, a top Turkish Islamic leader announced plans to convert the Hagia Sophia back into a mosque.

In the face of such renewed Islamic fervor, Stakelbeck says the final lesson of the fall of Constantinople is the need for Western unity.

“A third lesson is that a disjointed, complacent West that refuses to put aside various differences and unite to confront the relentless jihadist menace and defend Judeo-Christian, Western civilization cannot prevail in the long term,” he said.

“For Western Europe to essentially stand by and watch Constantinople fall to the armies of Islam in 1453 was inexcusable. Yet history repeats itself.


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