Establishment Republicans spout far left talking points in aftermath of Chicago protest

America has come full circle, a sinister full circle no true patriot ever hoped would come about.

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Establishment Republicans, desperate to cast front runner Donald J. Trump behind them, have thrown completely in with the Democrats in blaming main street Americans for Friday night’s George Soros orchestrated Chicago protest.

In the aftermath of the Chicago protest,  for which Soros’ group took partial responsibility, never once did Establishment Republicans call for public safety in presidential primary rallies,

Regardless of whether you support Trump for president or not, no American with a shred of traditional values endorses jail house-style mass intimidation. We are losing civic order to pampered mobs who are allowed to run wild from coast to coast!

Donald Trump routinely makes statements which raise eye brows ( and blood pressure, lol ), but neither he nor his side of the political aisle has given America the riots and disrupted speeches we’ve seen lately.

Hard to believe but as true as the Marxists in the Obama administration brand every day Americans as bigots, racists and Islamophobes.

For almost eight long years, Americans have been under the Marxist boot called the Fundamental Transformation of America, having to watch their freedoms frittered away by day, 96 million of them hopelessly jobless, every one of them worried about the future of their children and grandchildren in a progressive engineered Utopia.

Is it any wonder that some of them are over-reacting with enthusiasm and joy at the prospect of a billionaire businessman leading them out of the Marxist miasma and offering them the potential of making America great again?

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How can it possibly be that Chicago police seemed to be more sympathetic to the protesters than they were to Trump rally attendees—with no media asking why?

Deliberately bumping into rally attendees,  shouting them down, intimidating them and chasing them away is not an acceptable way to shut down 1st Amendment rights, or to punish those they regard as naive.

In essence, Establishment Republicans may just as well have joined unrepentant domestic terrorist Bill Ayers to wave their placards in a full-fledged protest that only narrowly missed serious injury.

The sign-tearing malcontents did not suddenly come out of the woodwork on Friday night; that this coming together of Occupy Wall Street (OWS), #blacklivesmatter and other radical groups has been in the works for a long time.

Citizen participation in the primaries became risky in Chicago on Friday night.

But something of true voter value came out of the Chicago protest all the same: the fact that if Establishment Republicans would blame We the People for a protest organized by the far left,  they will do exactly the same thing if ever elected president.


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