Bigoted Trump Supporters Don’t Vote for Trump Delegates Because of Foreign-Sounding Names

By Harper Neidig

trumpDonald Trump lost out on at least two delegates on Tuesday because some voters declined to choose a delegate representing Trump who had a foreign-sounding name, a Cook Political Report editor noted.

In Illinois’s 6th District, Nabi Fakroddin received almost 5,000 fewer votes than Trump’s other two delegates, Paul Minch and Barbara Kois. Minch and Kois came in first and second in vote totals, but Fakroddin finished in sixth place behind three John Kasich delegates.

In another district, a Trump delegate named Raja Sadiq received more than 7,000 fewer votes than another Trump delegate named Doug Hartmann.

The real estate mogul has been heavily criticized for his rhetoric about immigrants and minorities, with many claiming he is stoking racial anxieties.


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  1. If you want to read a story that makes Hillary look bad, you can find plenty on this site and others. This particular article is about Trump. You can call it media biased.

    In November, America will show the world that most of us are NOT racists.

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  2. Wow…I find it so entertaining that this article is using progressive race card talking points to brush every Trump supporter as racist.

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