Desperate Republicans Demanding a Brokered Convention to Stop Trump and Cruz

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“I think it’s pretty simple. If you want to help elect Hillary Clinton, and you want to make sure that the unionized bureaucracies are totally in control, and you want to have a radical Supreme Court to finish eliminating our liberties, then play games like this. But that’s what they are: They’re games, Gingrich said. “There’s the choice that accepts the continued decay and continued radicalization of continued Americans. That’s the Hillary Clinton road. And there’s the choice that says no, we need an alternative, and that’s the Donald Trump or Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX). “But there’s not a third choice,” Gingrich warned.

There’s an assumption among casual consumers of politics that establishment Republicans loath just Donald Trump. Except that’s Not really true.  Yes, they worry about what Trump might do down ballot to the GOP if he is the nominee. But most view him with some mix of puzzlement and fascination. The Republican establishment saves its actual hatred for Ted Cruz and fear him as well.

 Some may not know it but Cruz too is not part of the establishment like Trump is not, do not be fooled by endorsements by Jeb Bush.  Many fear Cruz wrongly thinking he is also part of the same old establishment that has been ignoring the will of the conservative voter for the past years.  That not the case. His voting record is solid, the Republican Establishment does like Cruz because he only stick to true conservative values and never gives for any reason.
Even though Superpacs are funding Cruz, from previous voting records there is not reason to believe he can be bought, at least so far. Ted Cruz is clearly a constitutional conservative. He is clearly deeply embedded into intellectual conservatism, and that makes people who are more traditional conservatives more comfortable, and won’t changes sides due to pressure.
Cruz is disliked by the party establishment because he will not tote to special interests and sell out like most of the Republicans do, he sticks to his guns and that’s why the Republicans dislike him, and why his bid for presidency should be taken serious.  Being disliked is a good thing,  because as well all know the Republican establishment has sold us down the river long ago along with the Democrats.
The fact is people are fed up with the Establishment and that is fueling Trump campaign, we have been lied to too many times, this is also why voters have Cruz as a close second to Trump in the primaries.
The problem is the Republican establishment may try through a Brokered convention to deny the nomination to either Cruz or Trump and choose a loyal Republican of their choosing, ignoring the will of the voters.  We could see Ryan or Romney put up as the nominee while Cruz and Trump being ignored.
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