Ted Cruz Wins First Delegates in Colorado and Shuts Out Trump

Ted Cruz is now showing that a strong ground game pays off.  While Trump claims to be a great businessman and that he makes great deals, it is instead Cruz that has studied the GOP nomination and delegate rules and is revealing himself to possess the qualities and abilities we need in a President that will bring strong and intelligent leadership back to this country.

Already we have seen that Cruz has acquired more delegates in Louisiana despite just barely losing there to Trump.  There is also talk of delegates in South Carolina going to Cruz instead of Trump because Trump is violating party rules by stating he will not support the Republican nominee.  Cruz is courting delegates in a number of states and Ted Cruz has won the first six delegates to have been awarded in Colorado so far.

From the Denver Post:

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz took the first six national delegates awarded in Colorado, winning all the seats elected at two congressional district conventions Saturday.

Of the six delegates and six alternates elected, 10 pledged support to the Texas senator and two is unpledged.

Donald Trump supporters made loud noise at the conventions and John Kasich put formed a three-delegate slate — but both candidates were shut out.

The overwhelming win showcased the Cruz campaign’s months-long efforts behind the scenes in Colorado, led by U.S. Rep. Ken Buck with help from grassroots organizations, Gun Owners of America and the Faith and Freedom Coalition.

The six awarded Saturday represent just a fraction of the 34 delegates Colorado will award in the next week. The remaining three of the state’s 37 total are party leaders who are so far unpledged.

Colorado canceled its binding straw poll, forcing the campaigns to fight through the caucus process for candidates who may remain unbound to the national convention. Each of the state’s seven congressional districts elect three delegates to Cleveland and the final 13 are picked at the state GOP convention April 9 in Colorado Springs.

The early results affirm that the state’s caucus system favors the candidate with the best organization, despite dedicated fans for Trump.

These failures by Trump do not resemble the remarks by him that we will win again with him in control.  Trump doesn’t even take the time to study the rules or familiarize himself with the Constitution.  If he won’t or can’t do this now, how will he be better later?  America cannot take that chance.  Is Trump just tired of winning or is he really just a con-artist?

We need a proven and principled constitutional conservative to reignite the promise of America.  That person is Ted Cruz.

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