Huge Win for Ted Cruz in Wisconsin

As expected, Ted Cruz had a huge victory over Donald Trump in Wisconsin tonight.  Cruz powered his way to a commanding victory by getting almost 50% of the vote, while Trump managed approximately 35% and Kasich came in at about 14% of the vote.

As has become commonplace for unfair and unbalanced Fox News, they refused to cover the entire victory speech of Ted Cruz (Fox News also cut short Cruz’s Iowa victory speech to cover Clinton’s speech).  Good thing CNN chose to cover it and you can watch it here in its entirety:

Wisconsin is the fourth victory for Ted Cruz in a row since he embarrassed Trump in Utah, Colorado, and North Dakota.  Republicans are truly uniting around Ted Cruz and rejecting the liberal candidacy of Trump.

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Huge Win for Ted Cruz in Wisconsin, 4.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings
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  1. GOPe say that they know Trump has no chance of winning in November; this is coming from the same crew and “polls” that claimed only Romney would beat Obama in a landslide four years ago. Trump is taking it from all directions, something never before seen in any candidate in memory. Lies being told about Trump are debunked and yet the haters keep repeating the same old debunked talking points. So I guess there are a lot of people who like the status quo in Washington. Sorry, but I want the whole system torn apart and get fresh ways of thinking — common sense — to D.C.!! They rule over us because all pol’s are bought and paid for so they don’t care what WE think. We only support them with our tax dollars while the donor class brings them suitcases of money to them all. We are sick of it! Trump already has all the money he needs. Time for a REAL change.

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    • Just about everyone is saying that Trump has no chance because the polling is showing that. This is the polling that Trump likes to quote so often. He has alienated so many groups, including conservatives, that it would be difficult to unite the party. It doesn’t help that Trump talks and acts like a Democrat while pursuing the Republican nomination.

      Trump has benefited from over 2 billion dollars in free publicity. The candidate that is attacked from all sides is Ted Cruz and he does not have the name recognition that Trump has. So, while fighting smears from the media, Washington establishment, and Trump, Cruz has had to work hard to get his message out. It’s incredible that Cruz has risen so much despite all of the forces against him. If Cruz had the benefit of the media coverage Trump has had, Cruz would already have over 1237 delegates given the positive, optimistic message that he has for America. That’s always been the issue. If everything on TV wasn’t so biased for liberals, conservatives would be sweeping every election.

      One of the favorite lines of Trump supporters is that Trump will destroy the system. This is so strange considering that he has been part of the system. If Trump was a true outsider, then wouldn’t he say in Iowa that he would stop ethanol subsidies or wouldn’t he say that he will abolish the IRS? Wait, he doesn’t propose any of this. Trump wants to EXPAND ethanol subsidies (grow government). Trump wants the government to intrude into more and more of our daily activities and force us to do more and more against our will. The conservative platform advocates for limited government and wants to stop government from interfering and controlling the people. Trump’s tax plan doesn’t stop the progressive income tax or abolish the IRS. In fact, does he even advocate for shrinking any part of government? No, but Ted Cruz has a detailed plan to abolish many agencies and departments in order to shrink government and pull back the boot of government from the backs of the people. Ted Cruz plans to do this through tax reform and regulatory reform.

      The tea party rose up because we are angry that our politicians do not uphold the Constitution and we are losing freedoms to a tyrannical government. We finally have a champion who fights for every one of the causes we hold dear. Are we really going to let a businessman who has been a liberal Democrat for most of his life (if not still one) ride the wave we all started. Trump does not mention the Constitution in his speeches. Most of the points he makes are what he thinks conservatives want to hear. What is obvious is that he does not know what being a conservative really is about and when he explains his positions, he does so from the viewpoint of the Left. He says what he thinks we want to hear, but ends up sounding like a liberal even though he is trying to hide it. For example, when he said that he would punish a woman who has an abortion if abortion is illegal, he is doing that because he only knows the stereotype of the conservative and is not one himself. Conservatives find that reprehensible, but Trump said it because he only knows about conservatives from the media and how they are explained to him. He thinks that is how we are and what we want. So, he says it to gain our vote. He doesn’t realize that what he knows about conservatives is wrong.

      Trump supporters have been seduced into believing each and every con that Trump throws their way. Trump says America will be great again and to believe him. He has no solutions and it is frighteningly like one of his many failed get-rich-quick schemes that he has conned the public with before. It is incredible how many people keep falling for it.

      Trump says he is financing his own campaign, but he can’t do that when it goes to the general election. He will be answering to the special interests (George Soros) that will and have contributed to him. Even if he did not take any money, his only interest is himself and he will only push through legislation and reforms that will help his business interests and him.

      In order to truly Make America Great Again like Reagan said when he ran, we need to restore the republic by going back to the rule of law. We need to follow the Constitution and there is only one candidate that knows and is guided by the Constitution. That candidate is Ted Cruz. We have been fighting for this opportunity to truly restore America to be the Constitutional Republic it once was. Please don’t squander this opportunity by voting for someone like Trump who does not know what our founding principles are.

      Please support the principled, constitutional conservative Ted Cruz for President.

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      • Trump can win the exit and entrance poll data reported by CNN tells a story. In nearly every state, Trump does as well or better among those who identify as Republicans as he does with independents.
        The GOP signed a law to not allow brokered conventions/open conventions, but now that they are scared stiff that Hillary will win, they want an illegal convention. Cruz is pure establishment, dishonest in accepting delegates gained by illegal votes by a GOP paid group, and apparently the same in Wisconsin. Trump complains and they throw garbage at him, but he is right that something is not right and we know it is the GOP/RNC and DNC are now one party and want to further destroy and takeover America by the NWO/communism and shaft us because they don’t want to lose their honeypots of riches. If we lose America, they are too stupid to know they will be the first to be removed from the planet. If Trump forms a 3rd party, millions of us will jump over to that party because we will NOT be told for whom to vote or allow the GOP/RNC/DNC choose our candidate. Sorry, your demise of both parties is at hand and rightfully so. Cruz is not a viable candidate and if they support him, they know he will lose against Hillary and that is the plan. Appears Cruz is ignorant of that fact, but then again I gave up on him when he became childish, a liar, started a fight and then blamed Trump, and hasn’t any of the skills we need to get our America back on track. So, this is a rigged election unless we step up and stop this takeover of our country. Enough is enough!

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        • Incredibly, you and other Trump supporters continue to say Cruz is a liar and smear a good and honest man just because Trump says so. You cannot point to concrete examples.

          You are with Trump because you want to destroy the country instead of restore it. That is not reasonable thinking.

          Don’t worry about Trump running as a third party candidate. He couldn’t accomplish that in any meaningful way because of sore loser laws in many states. The laws state that if someone runs in the primary under one party, they cannot be put on the state ballot for the General Election for a third party.

          Please stop being brainwashed by Trump and start thinking for yourself. Looking at facts might help.

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