Joe Lieberman tells Israel that Democrats’ support is waning (VIDEO)

Ex-US Senator Joseph Lieberman told MKs last November that while support for Israel remains bipartisan in the US, it has undergone “attrition” in the Democratic party, which he represented in the Senate for 24 years.

Lieberman said that he thought the agreement reached by world powers with Iran was not “tight enough” and that he had been very active in the effort to stop it is groups called United against Nuclear Iran and the American Security Initiative.

“I give AIPAC a lot of credit,” he said, because it “could have sat back so as not to jeopardize its relations with the Obama administration but chose to act.

From the outset, he said, the fight had slim chances of success, because the agreement was not defined as a treaty, and thus did not require confirmation by two-thirds of the Senate.

President Barack Obama was even more active in lobbying for the deal than he had been with Obamacare, said Lieberman.

The former Connecticut senator tried to convince the MKs, who are members of the Knesset caucus on US-Israel relations, that many of the Americans who do not support Israel fail to realize how tolerant it is regarding people of different sexual orientations.

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