Russian Jets in Russia encounters U.S. Navy ship Just Outside its Waters

hqdefault-13If you’ve been watching the news over the course of the last 24-48 hours, you’ve no doubt seen the propaganda about Russian SU-24 attack planes buzzing the USS Donald Cook (DDG-75).  This happened first on Monday, then again on Tuesday.

Russian planes flew EXTREMELY CLOSE to US navy destroyer who was EXTREMELY CLOSE to Russia’s borders … and the Russians are the aggressors here?

The US the media propaganda must want to start a war between the US and Russia? I can understand the desire to increase ad revenue and get more people to watch TV, but a global nuclear war is probably not the best way to achieve that.

The USS Donald Cook was just 38 Nautical miles off the coast of Russia, just 26 Nautical miles outside Russian waters. Sailors aboard the US ship described the Sukhoi Russian Su-24 as “wings clean,” meaning there were no visible bombs or armaments on the aircraft, the defense official said.

Imagine Russian warships conduct maneuvers 38 Nautical Miles miles from the coastline of the USA.

Here’s an idea. Maybe, umm I don’t know …Stop provoking Russia! USA builds up a presence right on the Russian doorstep and constantly vilify them for no reason at all especially when they seem to be the only ones who give a damn about destroying terrorists in the middle east. What if they did the same in the Gulf of Mexico?

Maybe if US warships weren’t 38 Nautical Miles from the Russian borders there would not be Russian jets flying near the bridge of US Navy ships?

Judging by the videos released by the US Navy, the sailors were nonplussed by the Russian aerobatic skills. They gathered on the top deck of the destroyer to watch the Russian pilots.

In Russia the local news sources describe this event a bit differently than the USA media: “Russian aircraft encounters aggressive U.S. Navy ship in Baltic Sea just kilometers from Russian shores”


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  1. When I heard the report of the Russian SU fighter “hot-dogging” close-by USS Cook, I had a vision of a Russian aviator, in a good mood and slightly drunk on the Russian national drink, out for a bit of aerobatics.
    It surely appeared so upon seeing the film of the maneuvering plane and that very high speed pass close to the sea surface. There’s a Russian air base adjacent to the Baltic, in Kaliningrad. Russian planes are always out there, it’s only a short distance after take-off and they’re out over the water. The plane was not armed, I think its missiles and bombs would be carried on external racks….there were none. Believe this, that destroyer was tracking the Russian, even at the plane’s very high speed, it could have been brought down. The pilot flew as low as he could, the idea being that if the destroyer was going to fire,that it would be difficult for it to depress its gunnery as low as the plane was flown. A ship to plane missile hasn’t such limitation. but if it was that wouldn’t matter anyway.
    The Russians know that just learning of the event had Obama shaking in his boots. I really doubt if Obama would say a word to Putin about it, and Putin would rebuff him anyway, perhaps with some Russian humor.
    Let’s face it, Russian top level leadership is amused by Obama,who has shown his missing patriotism/nationaism to the entire world.
    Also, there’s the Russian belief that their Sukhoi fighter plane is superior to our F-15, but they’ve also thought their T-72 heavy tank was better than our M1A1 Abrams when our military went to Kuwait and Iraq. The Abrams tanks clobbered the T-72’s!
    That Sukhoi pilot probably was “chewed out” by his wing-commander, as a matter of declaring the command structure and the high cost of that Sukhoi, especially when exposing same to possible damage. In the meantime, his flying mates are treating him as a “Hero for the Motherland.”

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