More Proof Trump Will Be Dangerous For Israel

paul-manafort-trump-aideWe have posted before about how Trump would be dangerous for Israel.  Now, Trump makes another anti-Israel move by hiring Paul Manafort as one of his top aides.

From The Daily Beast:

One of Donald Trump’s top aides once lobbied Congress to kill an effort to move the United States embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Paul Manafort, the aide dubbed Trump’s “new right-hand man” and his point-person on delegate strategy at the coming Republican convention, worked the corridors of power in Washington for the Saudi government in the 1980s.

The promise of moving the American embassy to Jerusalem has been a mainstay of political appeals to the pro-Israel community for many years. But in 1984 Manafort lobbied on behalf of the Saudis against House and Senate legislation that would have pressed the U.S. government to make this move, according to a Foreign Agents Registration Act disclosure, which requires that lobbyists working for foreign governments publicize their work.

For work in the six months preceding December 1984, Trump’s new delegate wrangler was paid $200,000—which, taking into account inflation, would be worth more than $450,000 today.

Manafort’s work for the Saudis could put his boss in hot water on this issue yet again. Trump opponent Sen. Ted Cruz, on the other hand, has co-sponsored legislation to press the president yet again to move the U.S. embassy in Israel.

 Manafort’s ties with the Saudi government also conflict with his new boss’s suggestions earlier this year that the Saudis were involved in the 9/11 terrorist attacks. “Who blew up the World Trade Center? It wasn’t the Iraqis, it was Saudi—take a look at Saudi Arabia, open the documents,” Trump said in February, in an apparent reference to the 28 redacted pages in from 2003 Senate report on the 9/11 attacks. A 60 Minutes report this week suggested the possibility of a Saudi support network for the terrorist hijackers while there were in the United States, bringing the issue yet again into public view.

The Trump campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Manafort’s work for the Saudis didn’t stop with his lobbying on the location of the U.S. embassy in Israel: His work was evidently sufficient for him to maintain the client. Throughout 1985, he was paid to advise the Saudi government on U.S. arms sales to the Saudis, energy policy, and America’s relationship with Saudi Arabia more broadly. For this Manafort was paid more than $300,000, or more than $660,000 in current terms.

And in the first half of 1986, Manafort lobbied the Reagan White House, the State Department and Congressional staff on a proposed arms sale to Saudi Arabia, netting him a quarter-million dollars—which today is worth more than half a million.

We know that Trump has gone back and forth on this issue.  Early in his candidacy, Trump spoke candidly before Jewish Republicans that he would not move the embassy to Jerusalem and Trump would not acknowledge Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.  Recently at the AIPAC convention, Trump gave a speech that appeared to be with prepared remarks.  He reversed course by stating he would move the embassy to Jerusalem.

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Maybe the easy answer is that Manafort has just changed his position just like Trump has done on this same issue.  However, would that be the correct answer?

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  1. While Trump’s own married daughter converted to Judaism, Trump is aloof of religion. When he held up his mother’s bible so it could be seen by television viewers, which was supposed to then confirm that he, Trump, is active in religious faith, I was not convinced by him of his faith, his mother’s faith was evident through that family bible.

    Individuals like Trump exercise no scruples about “any means to an end.” There is no one or nothing he won’t use to gain status, and status is what his life is all about.

    I had occasion to listen to Steve Wynne, a casino-hotel magnate with outstanding success in that business. To hear him speak about business in general in our country, its economy, strength of U.S. currency, and world affairs convinced me that this first class gentleman runs very deep and is very informed.

    Unlike Trump, Wynne is a devotee to America. Trump jumps in and out of businesses, and is proud of his use of Business bankruptcy, he wants us to believe how adroit he maneuvers through the pitfalls of financial gambles. Yes, he declares bankruptcies as a technique, but who is it who pays for his strategy “when the smoke clears?”
    I’d like to know…I’d like all of us to know! The man is no magician.

    Mr. Trump is involved in a campaign of intimidation, scaring the public and assuring that public that “St.Donald on his charger” will make everything better. He wants all of us to believe that miraculously, he is all things to everybody, that he is the answer America needs.

    Here’s a case where a vulgar man who knows little to nothing of governance of a republic, has not given time to the only document in the world like it, The U.S. Constitution,and actually believes he’ll bedazzle the Red Chinese, Iran, the Muslim world, etc. because he supposedly authored his book, “The Art of the Deal!”

    This man called John McCain “a loser,” because McCain’s plane was shot-down over Hanoi, Vietnam. Trump added that he called McCain a “loser” because anyone who gets captured is a “loser.” What a remark from this cry-baby, if he can’t have a win handed to him, yet he or his family found a method by which Trump sat out service to our country during the same war in which McCain was shot down over Saigon.
    Donald Trump wangled five (5) deferments from serving our country. It’s doubtful to me if his loyalty goes any farther than to himself. Do we vote for substance or “pie in the sky?” Let’s not make the same mistake as in 2004 and 2008!

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