Trump Commits Gaffe When Talking About 9/11 Attacks

At a rally in Buffalo, New York, businessman Donald Trump appears to have misspoke when he was discussing the 9/11 attacks.  He instead referred to them as “7/11.”  Listen to Trump below and make the determination of what he said for yourself:

Unfortunately, that was not the only gaffe of his speech.  He also discussed the two tragedies of Pearl Harbor and 9/11 and made comparisons between them that should not have been made.

From The Right Scoop:

Trump continues to make weird pronouncements. This time it was in Buffalo today where he said that 9/11 was much worse than Pearl Harbor because the Japanese killed military members while al-Qaeda killed civilians and “great people.”

He just says whatever he wants about 9/11 and people eat it up – just like he claims “hundreds” of his friends died in the attack, but can’t name one person. OR when he took money that was meant for small businesses that were affected by 9/11.

Here is the video:

It’s really disgusting that Trump continues to use tragedy for personal gain.  This is something we are accustomed to seeing from leftists.  This sure looks like another instance of Trump revealing himself to politically lean to the left.

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