CNN Held Back New Poll Showing Trump Losing BIG to Hillary Until After Indiana Voted

CNN released a new poll where Trump is losing by double digits to Hillary Clinton.  CNN conveniently held onto this poll until after the Indiana primary election so that Lyin’ Donald could push the false narrative that he could beat her.

From CNN:

As Donald Trump captures the mantle of presumptive Republican nominee, a new poll finds he begins his general election campaign well behind Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton.

The new CNN/ORC Poll, completed ahead of Trump’s victory last night, found Clinton leads 54% to 41%, a 13-point edge over the New York businessman, her largest lead since last July.

(Emphasis in bold is ours)

Thanks to the media and the $2 billion in free coverage they have given to Trump and the fawning coverage given to Clinton, if those two are the nominees, then Americans will not be voting for anyone, but voting against them.  CNN continues:

Trump and Clinton would be the most disliked major party nominees in CNN’s polling dating back to 1992, with only two other candidates meriting less than 50% favorability heading into the election — Mitt Romney was 44% in April 2012 and Bill Clinton was viewed positively by 42% of voters in April 1992.

Asked why they back Clinton or Trump, most of those behind each candidate say their preference in the matchup is more about opposing a candidate than supporting one. Among Clinton supporters, 51% said their choice was mostly about opposing Trump and 57% of Trump supporters said they went with him because they don’t want Clinton in the White House.

The fourth estate strikes again.

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