Ted Cruz Can Still Win Delegates and be the Republican Nominee

Ted Cruz can still be the Republican nominee, but in order for that to happen, conservatives in the states that have not yet voted (including California), must continue to unite around Ted Cruz and cast their votes for Cruz.  Trump has not received a majority of the delegates yet and can still be denied the nomination by delegates who vote their conscience with a vote for Ted Cruz.  So far, only Ted Cruz has won the majority of delegates in at least eight states and is thus the only candidate that can appear on the ballot at the GOP convention in July according to Rule 40(b).

In addition, Ted Cruz has only suspended his campaign and can still keep his delegates while acquiring more before the convention.  Emily Rose Shelley of Conservative Push explains:

Listen up! Nebraska, West Virginia, Oregon, Washington, Montana, South Dakota, New Jersey, New Mexico, and California!  Ted Cruz has suspended his campaign, not ended his campaign. What’s the difference between suspension and termination? Delegates! Candidates who drop out forfeit their delegates, and any potential of winning more delegates. Ted Cruz’ name will still be on the primary ballots of the states I listed above. He had no intention of having his name removed from the ballot, nor will he endorse any other candidate before the convention. This means that in the states listed above, Cruz could still win delegates IF the voters in those states are smart enough not to buy-into the hype of Trumpmania. For those who are angry enough to leave the GOP, (and I certainly understand that anger,) I give you a clarion call not to do so yet if you live in those states listed above. In fact, I would suggest you wait until the convention in July before officially dropping out of the party.

Suspending his campaign might be a brilliant move for Ted Cruz because Trump will think he has won the nomination.  Since most Trump supporters are low-information and first-time voters, they don’t understand the process and will think it not necessary to vote as well.  It also helps that Trump is telling his supporters to not vote in the upcoming primaries.  From Time:

Donald Trump pulled out all the stops courting coal miners in West Virginia Thursday night, but he told them to skip voting in the primary.

“Now what I want you to do is save your vote,” Trump told the crowd in Charleston, West Virginia. “You know, you don’t have to vote anymore. Save your vote for the general election, OK? Forget this one, the primary is gone.”

Keep up the fight for the Constitution and for conservative values.  Make sure to keep voting for Ted Cruz and tell others to do the same.

Ted Cruz can still become the Republican nominee and restore the republic.

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