Clinton Email Scandal: Imminent Document Leak Enough To Indict Her

WkiLeaks founder Julian Assange is not generally thought of as a friend of Republicans. But what he says is coming soon from his whistleblowing group could endear him to the GOP. Assange claims his “upcoming leaks in relation to Hillary Clinton” are enough to indict her, according to a recent interview with British ITV News.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange
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WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange

“We’ve accumulated a lot of material about Hillary Clinton. We could proceed to an indictment,” he said. These emails are “pending publication.”

But no matter how damaging the emails are, Assange believes the FBI will give Clinton a pass. Rather than bring criminal charges, it will “push for concessions from the new Clinton government in exchange for its lack of indictment.”

If that happens, then the FBI will have committed a criminal offense. Letting a politician escape indictment simply because he or she has power and status is an outrage that every American should strongly condemn. But, as Assange points out, Attorney General Loretta Lynch, an Obama appointee, isn’t likely to indict someone who once worked for her boss, and is a fellow Democrat.

There is also the fact, admitted to by Clinton’s campaign, that Clinton fixer attorney David Kendall has stayed in contact with the Justice Department throughout its investigation.

Let’s not be naïve and think this is merely a lawyer cooperating with an investigation on behalf of his client. This is more likely the case of an influential attorney representing a powerful person applying a heavy load of pressure on an already friendly attorney general, who is running a department filled with workers who already voted for Clinton with their political campaign contributions.

While we won’t be surprised with a decision not to indict, it would nevertheless be demoralizing. If the law doesn’t apply to those with political power, then the law is a farce and our politicians are more like kings and queens than citizen lawmakers. Revolutions have started for less than that.

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