This Fourth Of July, Who Are You And Where Are You Going, America?

by Andrew Bieszad

The Fourth of July is one of those wholly “American” holidays that theoretically encapsulates all that is good about being an American. I can say there is much I have to be thankful for, and there is still much good in America. However, the essence of 7/4 is celebrating the ideas upon which America was and is (at the very least, in theory) founded upon. However, what has happened in the USA is that the very concept of this nation as it was and what it has become today are two radically different things.

Ask any American who has grandparents who lived in the USA during the early part of the 20th century, or even before the 1960s, and they will tell you how different American society was from what it is today. The people were friendlier, the society was more homogenous in terms of culture and identity, and things were just…better. There were problems of course, but those were far less severe in general terms than the situation we have today, for in these days, America had a distinct national identity that could be defined.

What is America’s national identity today? That is a difficult, if not impossible question to answer because American society has change so much. People today say that America is a “multicultural” society, but multiculturalism means nothing because it does not identify a single identity but rather, many. It is the multiple personality disorder of civilizations, and it can only lead to disaster.

This question of identity is a hard, uncomfortable issue to look at because it many ways it strikes to the heart of the problems in America today- we do not know who we are any more (and even there is debate if America really knew what it was from its inception), we do not have a clear idea where we are going, and our whole society is suffering for it. We hear about the “American ideals” such as “freedom,” “egalitarianism,” and “liberty,” but what do these things really mean, especially today? Perhaps a look back at recent history will elucidate this.

America as a nation is actually very, very young. The first permanent settlements in the USA by Europeans did not appear until the Spanish in the mid-16th century on the Gulf Coast. The French, Dutch, and later English arrived and established their own territorial claims in the USA. Since the USA is traditionally based on an Anglo-Saxon culture, one might date the beginning of the “America” as was understood in later centuries to the Jamestown, VA settlement in 1607, as it was the English who ultimately took control.

Therefore, one might say that until the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776, America was a British colony for 169 years. After that, America was a unified nation until the Civil War 85 years later in 1861 until 1865, after which the Southern States were forced to stay in the Union in spite of them exercising their legal option to leave as per what the Constitution specified. Now in 2016, America has been inhabited by (what is not highly mixed and in decline) Anglo-Saxon peoples for 409 years, and if one goes by the Signing of the Declaration of Independence, 240 years. Historically speaking, America is literally a flash-in-the-pan of history. We emerged as a historical *blip* on a radar, yet control so much of the world, and yet at the same time are now declining rapidly as well.

Traditionally, and still today, most societies base themselves on a tripartite union of race, culture, and language encapsulated in a defined geographic area. This once upon a time used to be America. However, in today’s society, we are told (and indeed, have been told this to agree about the past) that America is based solely upon ideals- those of liberty, egalitarianism, freedom, and universal brotherhood- as I mentioned earlier. What makes these ideals so interesting is that these are not unique, but actually from the French Revolution (13 years later in 1789). The French Revolution, as we have written about before, was an anti-Christian, pro-Masonic, atheistic, evil movement that sought to invert the traditional “three estates” of society- the nobility, the Church, and the commoners- by abolishing the power of the Church, deposing the current nobility and replacing it with a new oligarchy class that would exercise absolute power over the people with no restraints or ways of fighting back. It was in one sense an early form of socialism.

The execution of Marie Antoinette

These “revolutionary” ideas were identified by Catholic Priest Fr. Augustin Barruel, who first exposed the Freemason conspiracy in his 1793 book Memoirs Illustrating a History of Jacobinism, as the heresy of “cosmopolitanism”- and he was speaking only in terms of Western European nations during his time. In his writing, cosmopolitanism took local cultures and peoples with unique identities and by dumping them into one are had the homogenizing effect where the unique cultural markers which made those cultures unique and special are destroyed and a generic culture, usually controlled by the powers which rule a society, are established in its place. The purpose for this was the collectivization of power and control, for if a people’s traditional identity is destroyed by mixing with others, a new and controlled identity can be substituted in its place. This is basically what has been going on in American and continues to happen, albeit on a national and international level.

What does it mean to be an American today? How do we define our relationship with each other and our nation Does it mean to “support the troops” in illegal, aggressive wars throughout the world waged solely for the consolidation of resources, namely crude oil and rare earth minerals? Does it mean shopping at “American” large businesses, since not only has most small business been destroyed but the large corporations that are left basically exploit third-world slave labor practices and then sell products back to people in the USA at exhorbitant markups which impoverish the purchasers as well? Does it mean being “pro business,” even though American business has been working viciously to drive out the American worker by overworking and underpaying him, and now be replace by robots? Does it mean being “pro union” or “pro worker,” which has been exploited to mean “socialist” and essentially a useful fool in the hands of the same wealthy power brokers who have impoverished society as a whole? Or does being an American mean eating lots of junk food, watching pre-packaged corporate sports games and television shows, saying the right things at the right time, going to a “good American” church, and most importantly doing what the powers that be say?

In Don McLean’s song American Pie, as he said many years later, American Pie is about the twilight of American culture in the late 1950’s before a long and still growing darkness would set over this nation. That darkness continues to grow to this day.

Right now America’s privately controlled fiat currency is collapsing under the weight of its own debt. We have invaded close to a dozen nations, and if things don’t change, it is likely we will be in a war with Russia next year. Europe is being overrun with Muslim invaders and is on the edge of a civil war. Americans are being surveilled in ways that are reminiscent of 1984 and even more, and yet nobody seems to care. Violence, poverty, and unrest are becoming signature marks of our society, so much so that even propagandists are forced to acknowledge their existence. The morality of our society is gone.

The fact is, sadly, we don’t know what it means to be an American anymore. The traditional divisions have been abolished, and the Masonic revolutionary ideals of America are also collapsing. The nation is a union of people who are connected by geographic proximity, but with a declining connection between each other. It is as though the very glue which holds American society together is wasting away. All that it will take is a change, a shock, or a social move and the nation of today will look far different in the not distant future.

It is another reason to watch and pray, and be prepared. And it is also the time to ask yourself three questions today:

What are we celebrating on July 4?

Who are we?

Where are we going?

Just think about those for a little while. And Happy 4th of July.

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