Sheriff Clarke: ‘Obama’s Set This Whole Country on Fire With His Race Politics’

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On “Sunday Morning Futures” today, Milwaukee County Sheriff said everyone – including President Obama – is ignoring the “elephant in the room” when it comes to police-involved shootings of black males.

“What leads to so many interactions of young black males and police in urban centers? It’s crime,” Sheriff Clarke said. “That might be an ugly truth, but it’s still the truth.”

He said the solution is not changing police tactics and behavior, but stopping people from making bad life choices, such as getting involved with drugs and gangs.

“Those things are going to increase the risk of a deadly encounter,” Sheriff Clarke said. “No one wants to ask, ‘Where are the dads? Where are the fathers?’ Instead, we go after the low-hanging fruit. Too many people want to attack the police.”

He added that President Obama is “anti-cop” and his rhetoric on the subject has not been helpful.

“He should say nothing,” Sheriff Clarke said. “Every time he opens his mouth, he fans the flames of this anti-police sentiment that is sweeping the country in some of these urban centers.”

He explained that cities like Dallas, St. Paul and Baton Rouge are “on fire,” and the best thing Obama can do is stop talking.

“With what he’s done to set this whole country on fire with his race politics, he should just leave it alone.”

One thing I do not hear ‘Black Lives Matter’ saying is the fact that there are far more black children under 10 killed by blacks during drive-by shootings…and no one seems to care. Children with their lives ahead of them cut down in their beds or on stoops or playing in their yards killed by teens and young blacks during drive-bys.

How about those little black lives ‘mattering’ to BLM? Nope, not a word about it.

America’s Killer Cops are killing EVERYONE. 50% of those executed by cops are WHITES and 30% are

BLACK. So, where is BLM on those stats? Not a word about it.

They need to think about the drive-by shootings of their own children…but if they do, it will undercut the racist hate that many BLM ‘protesters’ have toward WHITEY.

Chicago did a good job disarming its law-abiding citizens…and look who has all the fire-power now! The gangs and the blacks are doing nearly all the shootings…drive-by and otherwise. Gun confiscation and gun ‘control’ will NEVER keep guns away from those who seek them.

With our good-guy, law-abiding citizens now disarmed, there is no one to protect citizens from the gangs and drive-by shooters.

Something wrong with this picture and terminally wrong with ‘gun control’…

it is time to stress that All Lives Matter. We should ALL get noisy about all police shootings.

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Some cops clearly should NOT be anywhere near guns while on duty…they are just plain out of control.

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