Trump to Postpone VP Announcement Amid France Terrorist Attack

Presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump declared he would suspend his announcement for his vice presidential pick following news of a devastating attack in Nice, France that left over 73 dead.

Trump had planned to announce his pick on Friday at 11am EST.

Rumors swirled Thursday Trump would be selecting Indiana Governor Mike Pence as his VP, however the campaign did not formally confirm the speculation.

Over 70 people are reported dead and hundreds injured after a truck drove into a crowd of people during a Bastille Day celebration in Nice, France.

Trump also commented on the attack in Nice, asking, “When will we learn?”

The Muslim driver picked up speed to slam the large Semi truck into revellers celebrating Bastille Day on the city’s famous Promenade des Anglais.

One witness said he drove for at least 2-3 miles, mowing people down along the way while chanting Allahu Akabr (God is Great in Arabic).

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Hillary wants a radical 500% increase in Muslim refugees to the USA even over Obama’s aggressive plan of resettling high risk refugees from terrorist zones. There are links that these very migrants are behind many attacks and rapes in Europe.

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