Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Cruz’s ‘Vote Your Conscience’ Speech

Cruz Speaks at RNC Convention
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So, as the dust settles from the chaos that broke out on the convention floor over Senator Ted Cruz’s (R-TX) speech failing to openly endorse Donald Trump, here are some facts upon which to reflect:
  • Donald Trump knew Cruz’s speech text in advance.
  • Cruz told Trump two days in advance that he would not endorse him.
  • The speech itself congratulated Trump on winning the nomination, ripped Hillary Clinton, extolled freedom, and then told Americans to vote their conscience.
  • When Cruz gave the pre-approved speech clearly ripping Hillary and telling Americans to vote based on principle, Trump minions reportedly began whipping the crowd into boos. Paul Manafort reportedly “grinned and chuckled when asked by Mark Halperin if Trump aides encouraged boos of Cruz from the floor.”
  • Trump obviously knew what was coming, too, and entered the arena as Cruz concluded his speech, before Cruz was booed off the stage.

Trump has now tweeted out a slap at Cruz: “Ted Cruz booed off the stage, didn’t honor the pledge! I saw his speech two hours early but let him speak anyway. No big deal!”

Sean Spicer of the pathetic Republican National Convention said that he was “hoping for better,” even though the text was pre-screened. Donald Trump Jr. appeared with Sean Hannity to exclaim, “The best unity I saw was everyone booing [Cruz] off the stage.”

So, to summarize, Trump knew what was coming, apparently planned the boos, and planned to take advantage of the situation in order to vindictively rip open a Republican rift that hurts his own campaign, and cast Cruz as a traitor.

Then he lied about it.

And he did it all because he despises Ted Cruz, because he’s a petty man, and because he’s a stupid boor.

Here’s the amazing truth: had Trump merely instructed his fans to keep clapping throughout Cruz’s speech, it would have looked like the “suggested” endorsement that Team Trump had touted all day long. But Team Trump decided it was more important to throw Cruz out of the popular clique than to take the partial win. Cruz had to be humiliated for his failure to Kneel Before Orange Zod.

It backfired.

Trump and his team end up looking like the bullies they are. They end up looking like the vindictive dolts they are. And Cruz ends up looking like a man willing to stand on principle rather than pay obeisance to an insecure fool who prizes his own narcissism above even the possibility of victory over Hillary Clinton.

Note: Here is the video of Ted Cruz speaking at the RNC convention.

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