Hillary Clinton’s Latest Scandal with the DNC

The scandals don’t stop coming with Hillary, the corrupt Clinton’s will stop at nothing for power.

WikiLeaks released over 20,000 emails on Friday sent from the accounts of U.S. Democratic National Committee officials, including dozens of off the record media correspondence.

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Dubbed the “Hillary Leaks series” by WikiLeaks, the leak is comprised of a searchable database of almost 20,000 emails with over 8,000 attachments and photos from the email accounts of top DNC employees.

In the thousands of internal e-mails, it was revealed that a Democratic Party official tried to use Bernie Sanders’ supposed religious beliefs to derail his presidential campaign; one staffer pitched an idea for a phony sexist Trump ad and DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz tried to score a staggering seven tickets to the Broadway smash “Hamilton.”

In another e-mail, dated May 21, 2016, DNC press secretary Mark Paustenbach wrote to communications director Luis Miranda suggesting they plant a story that the Sanders campaign was in chaos.

The DNC is supposed to be neutral in the primary between Clinton and the Vermont senator. Instead DNC staff discuss how to deal with Bernie Sanders’ popularity as a challenge to Clinton’s candidacy. Instead of treating Sanders as a viable candidate for the Democratic ticket, the DNC worked against him and his campaign to ensure Clinton received the nomination.

But the e-mails confirm the party establishment was in the tank for Clinton long before the primaries were decided.

Speaking on the condition that she isn’t identified, a DNC worker said that the party is in the tank for Clinton, and the women who run the organization decided it ‘early on.’

The leaked emails also reveal that corrupt DNC officials planned anti-Donald Trump protests.

In multiple emails, DNC officials signed off and acknowledged the existence of two anti-Donald Trump protests in South Bend, IN and Billings, MT.

Bernie Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver said “Someone does have to be held accountable!”

The release provides further evidence the DNC is corrupt and untrustworthy, it broke its own charter violations by favoring Clinton as the Democratic presidential nominee, long before any votes were cast.

Weaver said the emails showed misconduct at the highest level of the staff within the party and that he believed there would be more emails leaked, which would “reinforce” that the party had “its fingers on the scale.”

The party has not commented on specific information released through the hack.

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