Presidential Candidate McMullin Getting Added to Multiple State Ballots (Official Count)

Last night, Evan McMullin, Independent Presidential Candidate, was able to get added to the Colorado state ballot.

From his campaign email:

Tonight, we made history.

We just got confirmation and I wanted to share the news with you first — we are officially on the ballot in Colorado!

This morning, we laid out our 50-state strategy. This is the first step on our road to victory, and there are many more to come.

We’ve only been campaigning for 72 hours, but we’re already proving the naysayers wrong. With your help, we’ll keep the momentum going through the rest of the country.

There is a better path, a better candidate, and a better future for America — and it starts right now. Let’s keep the momentum going!

It is also now being reported today that he is unofficially on the ballot in Utah as well.  Here is what Utah had to say about the petition-gathering process for Evan’s campaign:

The people of this country are excited to finally have a candidate they can vote for and support.  Here is how the campaign event in Utah looked with everyone crowding around Evan McMullin.

Evan McMullin utah_kickoff_1

UPDATE (8/13/2016): McMullin is now on the ballot in Minnesota!

From his campaign:

Just today, we got word that Evan has earned the nomination of the Independence Party of Minnesota! Working with them, we’ll give everyone a chance to vote for a candidate they can be proud of this Fall!

UPDATE (8/15/2016): McMullin is now on the ballot in Utah!

From his campaign:

We’re officially on the ballot in one of the most pivotal states in our strategy — Utah!

UPDATE (8/17/2016): McMullin is now on the ballot in Iowa!

UPDATE (9/7/2016):

From his campaign:

We’ve made tremendous progress in these first four weeks. From a cold start on August 8th, and thanks to the hard work of our volunteers, voters in 19 states will now be able to vote for Evan, including: Minnesota, Colorado, South Carolina, Louisiana, Utah, Arkansas, Iowa, Idaho, Virginia, Wyoming, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Alabama, Oregon, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont, Ohio, and Georgia. And we expect to add more to that list in the coming days and weeks.

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  1. This moron actually thinks guaranteeing killary’s election will benefit anyone. What’s even worse is the RINO’s who will vote for him. And the lie about Trump taking away our rights, etc. is pure foolishness. Since killary is into bribes, how much did she pay you to split the vote. The elite aristocratic establishment is going to get Hillary Clinton elected thanks to this Goldman Sacs connected McMullin.

    Its time to kill off the RNC ! We must have choices to corruption and it is obvious that the RNC doesn’t give a damn about what the Constituents want. We want our country back and we fought for it and died for it and we will not give it away to anyone rich or poor! I ask that the RNC think this over and do they really want to be responsible for the next Civil War?

    Clinton shill! don’t fall for it!

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    • Her name is Hillary. You keep misspelling it with a K. Her name begins with an H.

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  2. This was DOA.
    Wow, I have been saying this for months…. people keep saying “Trump is no Republican” and so on, he’s not this, he’s not that, he’s a Democrat, whatever.
    But apparently people only repeat what someone else has said, or what they see NOW, and are not willing to research, or are not willing to look at history, or perhaps they are all too young to remember what the party used to be like.
    My parents were Republicans until the 1980s and they they grew upset with the party and left. My mother has since passed, but in talking with my dad a few weeks ago I found it surprising to hear him speak of Trump as if he supports him, or at least is looking at giving him a try. He had nothing bad to say about him.
    When I thought about it – yes, that’s it – when did my father leave the GOP? About the time you say, and that’s when historians say it changed.
    So what changed? After Nixon’s fall from grace the extreme conservative branch of the party sort of took over, and said it was necessary to distance the party from Nixon – he had disgraced himself and it would stain the party if they didn’t instantly change it. So…… that’s the party people today think of, and the only one they seem to remember, how it is now, or at least the last 30 years or so.
    But that’s not right.
    Trump is a Republican as they were up until after Nixon, until about Reagan’s time when the extreme right took over and claimed it was a “conservative” party both fiscally AND socially.
    But the GOP that I recall, and my father recalls, was more moderate – they were moderate socially. Still more conservative fiscally, but socially more open and moderate. They were not anti-union so much, they cared about civil rights, they wanted equal this and that, and they would have been more open to things like Trump is today.
    Trump is a Northeast Republican. Trump is a Republican of the same party as Ike (Eisenhower), of G. W. Romney, Nixon, even Rockefeller.
    Trump is a Republican of my father’s GOP.
    This “he’s not a true conservative” is BS and is not what the party used to be. That’s a modern thing made up by the wing that took over after the 1980s, or of kids today under the age of 30 who are clueless about the ROOTS of the GOP.

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  3. I saw him on Fox shortly after he declared and was not impressed. This looks like an ego trip for him. He is a naive dupe for the Never Trump crowd that doesn’t have anyone with the guts to run themselves. The fact is that either Hillary or Trump will be president of the United States. I am not sure how Trump would govern, but I DO know how HIllary will govern and I cannot live with that. I would rather vote for a monkey, but, in this case, we must vote for an unknown quantity, because to do otherwise will bring us a very known quantity that will damage America forever.

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