Will Humans “PC” Themselves Out of Existence?

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By Sher Zieve

This is an article which was originally published in 2005 in, amongst others, the late great Men’s News Daily. I felt it appropriate to republish it, today, as little seems to have changed with regards to the lunacy and growing dangers surrounding the continued application of “political correctness.”

I offer it, again, as a reminder of one of the areas where we began with this ideology and—sadly—how little progress we seem to have made in ending its false premise and overall message. With the upcoming November elections, I believe that the only way we can change this for the betterment of humans is to elect and place Donald J. Trump into the US presidency.

Will Humans “PC” Themselves Out of Existence?
January 27, 2005

by Sher Zieve

Although there was no legal basis for its initial implementation, Political Correctness supposedly began as a tool of the Left to ensure that people are “sensitive” to the “feelings” of others; ostensibly the minorities. However, today the mainstream media and leftists (same thing) have made the decision that PC extends beyond its original scope to now include our (actually their) “terrorist friends”; those “friends” who have vowed to implant Islam worldwide and to destroy the United States and all of its non-Muslim inhabitants. In the name of PC the press refers to these terrorists as insurgents or, as the inimitable Michael Moore would say, “freedom fighters”. This is, of course, unconscionable. But, because they can, the mainstream press still persists in presenting an inaccurate and misleading caricature of the enemy’s behaviors. They are using this self-created tool well and to their specific advantage.

By its less than palpable coverage of Islamo-fascist beheadings, torture and other blatant atrocities (coupled with its conspicuous and constant reporting of the Abu-Gharib prisoner humiliations), the mainstream press seems firmly committed to ensuring the enemy actions against the US are downplayed. In many instances, the mainstream media actually appear to applaud them! For example, the murder of a New Jersey Christian family, which appears to be at the hands of Islamic terrorists, was barely mentioned by our mainstream press. If leftists or Muslims aren’t murdered, it’s just not that important to our press. And, with continuing and nearly mindless attempts to further discredit and emasculate the Bush Administration, the mainstream media are working with their leftist brethren and Islam to destroy the United States and all democracies across the planet. This alliance between seemingly opposing factions (as David Horowitz writes in his book ” Unholy Alliance: Radical Islam and the American Left”) is another of the myriad and never-ending misconceptions and lunacies propagated by the Left. Its belief system is that once privately owned property is eliminated, religion will disappear; Islam will quit being Islamic and the leftist atheist Utopia will magically emerge and take hold. This is not only an illogical and insane tenet but, it is what the Left truly believes. I never said these people were rational.

The only things, currently, standing in the way of the leftists’ unrealistic and insufferable ideals are Christianity and Judaism. Apparently, the Left doesn’t view Islam as a “real threat.” This further supports my conclusion that the Left is not only unhinged but, inherently and inordinately dangerous. The Islamic terrorists will kill them just as swiftly and gleefully as they would any other group or individual. Wrapped tightly in its failed and destructive agendas, for too many decades, the Left either cannot comprehend or refuses to see its own inevitable demise…by the hands of its alliance partner. And, as is the leftists’ penchant, they will joyfully take the rest of us with them to our own termination.

To ensure the destruction of the non-believers (those who believe in God and democracy), the Left will continue with its new found incomparable tool, political correctness, as it drones its ever-present mantra: “It’s better that we all die than make our destroyers feel badly about themselves!” Isn’t it time to place these people back in “the home” and away from influencing the sane majority? You bet it is.

The above was my original column. As of today, 4 September 2016, political correctness has grown to the point that we are—still—not only working to “understand why the terrorists hate us,” we have elected a president who has been bringing them into our country by the millions and other once Western civilization countries have been doing so, also. Over the years, I’ve written column after column about how we US citizens are being replaced by hundreds of thousands of non-citizens—including huge numbers from Middle Eastern Islamic countries. The FBI’s James Comey said some time ago that ISIS members have come across our Southern border and are now located in all 50 US States. If we do not allow our country and its values to be pillaged, destroyed and taken over by thugs—along with ours and our loved one’s lives—we are called “Racist,” “Xenophobic,” “Islamophobic” etc. In other words, we’re not politically correct and PC now takes precedent over whether we are allowed to live…or not.

Too many of us have sat back for way too long and refused to become involved in anything that “smacks of politics.” Folks, everything smacks of politics, including our lives…and, now, our deaths. We are the ones who allowed this to happen! It’s time for we-the-still-sane to dump political correctness and return to our senses. You bet is is! And this time it really is our last chance of remaining a country based upon God’s law and liberty.

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