18 Times Obama Trashed USA in Asia

Old African proverb: “If you watch a man, he’ll show you who he is.”llpac_obamasocialism-150x1501

What is it about traveling abroad that seems to encourage President Obama to unload all manner of grievances on the United States? For whatever reason, traveling abroad appears to help crystallize everything wrong he sees in America. During his recent trip to Cuba and Argentina, for example, we counted 18 separate times he talked down his employer, the United States of America.

His just-concluded trip to Asia was no different.

Here are 18 separate attacks he unloaded while in China and Laos:

  1. There are still too many poor children in the United States
  2. Too many children in America are not getting enough to eat
  3. Despite America’s wealth, we’re not providing sufficient educational resources in poor communities
  4. America lacks the “political will” to help poor inner cities that have suffered discrimination.
  5. Americans are “lazy” in thinking we don’t need to learn about foreign nations.
  6. Colin Kapernack is justified protesting the National Anthem, as the NFL star is raising “real, legitimate issues” about things America needs to be talked about.
  7. America suffers from racism, conflicts between ethnic groups, and discrimination against immigrants.
  8. Criticisms of America being imperfect and having problems with racism discrimination are accurate.
  9. America still has “situations where women are not treated equally.”
  10. America “didn’t think through” our policy in Vietnam War, as dropping cluster bombs proved counterproductive to “winning hearts and minds.”
  11. America’s treatment of Native Americans was “tragic.”
  12. America “struggled to stay true” to our founding ideal that all men are created equal.
  13. When the environment is destroyed in America, it’s because the private sector is being “lazy.”
  14. The United States is still to this day learning how to develop industry without destroying the environment.
  15. Due to industrialization, America “used to have terrible pollution … everywhere.”
  16. America’s role in the Vietnam war led to mass displacement of people from their homes.
  17. America dropped more bombs on Laos than on Germany and Japan during World War II … more than 2 million bombs … “the bombs fell like rain.” More bombs, he said on several occasions, were dropped on Laos per capita than anywhere else in the world.
  18. We bombed the “simple homes” of civilians in Laos. “Villages and entire allies were obliterated.” The ancient Plain of Jars “was devastated.” Countless civilians were killed.
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  1. Obama’s feet in mouth disease scores eighteen self goals this time around:

    I wrote this many, many moons ago. Remember?

    “Obama has a big mouth in which his tiny feet feel inordinately comfortable. Recently, he was seen blaming Cameron and Hollande for losing his Hilarious war in Libya. In full media glare
    Somebody who runs the stochastic processes in Langley must have finally briefed Obama with the foundation of the US-UK special relationship. It was Bush crony Blair who sank the commonwealth by defining the United Kingdom’s aspiration. The UK hoped and prayed, with cap in hand, to be a bridge between the US and Europe. This paid rich dividends by taking NATO into committing war crimes in Iraq at the behest of the White House’s Sunni Pay Masters. This also established that the UK was a willing slave. The UK was the convenient handle with which to swing the European pan, A tail with which to wag the European dog and which could be treated like a Yazidi. Remember how the US abandoned the UK over the Falklands? If the UK exits Europe, it would reduce the time required for the rest of Europe to integrate with Russia which, bereft of Totalitarian Communism, is Europe’s natural partner rather than an entirely selfish and uncultured United States that imposes laws and Islam on others that it will never impose on itself.

    Speaking of a big mouth and tiny feet, in January 2015 Obama insulted Indian hospitality and warned Manyavar Modi Ji to be “tolerant”. This started off his Chorus Girls obligated to Petro Dollars and the White Hice all over India. From Central Bankers who refuse to learn anything about Banking and Human Traffickers who believe themselves to be Technocrats to those deluded into believing that they are authors, historians economists or worse by State Awards and patronage designed to eclipse real intellect and talent. This had Obama’s military secretary Ash Carter running to Delhi over and over again in a failed attempt to rescue Military Relations with India. The US is bankrupt in terms of blood, treasure and will and desperately needs Indian cannon fodder (Boots on the ground more tractable than Sunni terrorists and more dispensable than NATO soldiers) and ships to sink in the Pacific in a war with China while leaving India open to terror from long standing US ally Pakistan. Obama cemented this special relationship with India further by dropping a Billion Dollars worth of sophisticated arms in Pakistan’s lap in November 2015 which included systems to deliver Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal deep into Indian territory and attack helicopters to speed up the Islamic genocide Pakistan is carrying out in Balochistan (as it did in East Pakistan with Nixon’s blessing) at Chinese request.”

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