Hillary Clinton Collapses During 9/11 Memorial


From Politico: “Clinton scare shakes up the race: Physical weakness caught on camera turns health conspiracy into a legitimate campaign concern.”

Fox News has also confirmed that Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has suffered a “medical episode” while attending the 9/11 memorial event today.

Earlier today, Hillary Clinton collapsed and  fainted on her way to her campaign van on Sunday as she became “overheated” and had to leave early from a September 11 memorial ceremony in New York City. Clinton, 68, was taken to her daughter Chelsea’s home in Manhattan, and emerged a few hours later wearing sunglasses and telling reporters that she was “feeling great.”

This episode today will only go to fuel the fire on the speculations relating to her health. Clinton suffered a four-minute coughing fit during an event in Cleveland last week, which she blamed on allergies.

According to a law enforcement source, Clinton campaign staffers were scurrying around trying to find anyone who has video of the incident and confiscating the video. One bystander had their $650 IPhone confiscated and had to pick it up at the Police department hours later with the content deleted.

Some videos were posted online before authorities could confiscate them:



Hillary appears to have been wearing a metal brace of some kind that was helping to keep her ankles stabilized. A pin or something similar must have fallen out. Based on this video, she apparently needs the brace to the extent that if she isn’t wearing it she can’t even stand on her own.

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  1. Notice especially all of her minions quickly gathering around her to shield her “medical spell” from outsiders. Who is paying them to do that? Someone obviously doesn’t want the world to see how bad off she really is. Wonder where the money is coming from to pay off all those so-called guardians? Interesting questions.

  2. Hillary and her Elite psychopath backers are trying to hold HRC together long enough to be inaugurated, then immediately start WWIII for global depopulation. THIS IS WHY THEY DO NOT CARE HOW BLATANTLY RIGGED EVERYTHING IS. They just have to get to where her finger is on the nuclear button. Doesn’t matter to them what she’s seen to be doing to get there, because afterwards all the critics will be dead.
    Can you think of any other reason for her backers to be pushing her for President, knowing she’ll die almost as soon as she takes office? And that this push is outing every single organ of Elite social control, very obviously, to an overwhelming proportion of the American people. (Youtube included.)
    Plenty of people understand that HRC is the kind of war-pervert who’d easily start WWIII. Not many guess that starting WWIII is probably her sole and urgent ambition.?

  3. Hillary has more or less been X’d out (natural or pre- planned ?), Trump could get whacked and that may leave Obama with a clear path for a 3rd. term (or an excuse for) then comes the financial melt down and basically a dictatorship with the goodies of martial law and FEMA camps to follow aided by the UN and its weapon controls and foreign troops as support for the intended consequences.

  4. Get ready folks, Elections cancelled in 3- 2 – 1. It is coming down. Hope you have your preps and a group ready to go. I believe by the end of October we will have straight out chaos. The stage is set. Up here in Canada we look on with ghastly anticipation. As outsiders we wonder what it will take for our neighbours to FINALLY rise up. Yes the Alt media and the “Alt Right” are up in arms, but words…..words.

    It is my opinion that once Homeland Security stated they will “take charge” of the election, that was the time it was decided by the DNC that Hillary will not make it. So it will be time for total chaos and Obomber will stay, Homeland Security will “take charge” alright. Trump won’t get the chance to govern. Martial Law and total chaos will ensue. Walmart signs will be taken down, FEMA signs will be put up. For you own safety of course. Oh yeah and there is this little thing that is budding at the same time. That Financial Armageddon or end of “Shemitah” they keep talking about.

    Next 3 months will write history. Time to rise up Patriots. God Speed to my neighbour. Stand firm and stick with the rule book of the Bible and the Constitution. Good Luck everyone. May God please bless the FUSA and those who remember it.

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