Whither Those Withering “Bombshells,” Mr. Assange?

By John Lillpop

Until Hillary Clinton’s dramatic meltdown during ceremonies marking the 15th anniversary of the deadly attack of he World Trade Center by “Religion of Peace” terrorists, the political fortunes of Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton seemed to favor the Democrat Clinton, due, in large measure, to the bias and prejudice of the liberal media against all things Republican, particularly candidate Donald Trump, and corresponding illogical sympathy for the ultra-liberal Democrat, Hillary Clinton.

So solid was the apparent Clinton advantage that she reportedly took time from the day-to-day grind of campaigning and fundraising to pick out drapes, carpeting, furniture and other amenities for the Oval Office, which was all but certain to be at the beck and call of the first female president in US history, for the next four years, at least, and perhaps longer, if the American people see fit to grant her a second term.

It was during this grueling time that conservative spirits pummeled to an all-time low, as the prospects for a third (or more) Obama term threatened the sanity of those who believe in the tenets of the US Constitution and the rule of law.

Pundits warned that those counting on an unexpected indictment were chasing fairy tales, as were those who thought that a “medical episode” might turn the tables on Hillary.

There was one slight glimmer of hope for political justice and that was in the person of Julian Assange, of WikiLeaks fame, who promised to release “bombshell” documents concerning Hillary, soon.

As reported, Mr. Assange said the following:

During an appearance on FOX News Channel’s Hannity, WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange told host Sean Hannity he has some new bombshell documents that will likely be unveiled beginning next week.

The documents, which pertain to Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign, have been described as “significant” and that it will come in a “significant” quantity. Assange has been teasing an “interesting” release ahead of the Nov. 8 general election in media interviews for weeks.

“The first batch is reasonably soon, we’re quite confident about it now,” he said. “We might put out some teasers as I don’t want to promise anything because we want to see how the formatting goes, but we might put out some teasers as early as next week or the week after.”

That “promise” by Assange was issued on September 7 and has yet to be fulfilled.

Since then, Hillary had her infamous medical episode on September 11 and seems to have lost her footing on the entire issue of her health.
As a result, Donald Trump has soared in the polls and is once again on the offensive.

Still, Julian Assange has an obligation to release that “significant” information about Clinton as soon as possible in the name of truth and holding candidates for high elective office responsible.

Again, the question that must be answered is, “Whither Those Withering Hillary “Bombshells,” Julian?

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