Drudge About to Drop A bombshell on Hillary Clinton

Anyone that knows Matt Drudge knows he does not drop Vanity Posts. Today he posted a warning to Hillary Clinton that he is about to drop a Bombshell that will end her election.


“Oh, on the sex stuff. Hillary is about to get hers…”


Just 45 min ago Drudge confirmed he received the devastating info and references to the info as the “mothership”.



What possible can he have on Hillary that will soon be exposed?

Bombshell have already been released this week by Wikileaks.

Guys drudge let the mask slip when he first posted this as it contained a comment about James dropping a video on Monday.
Now what enterprising young man could that be? Hummmm project something or other comes to mind.
In all seriousness if this is James and Drudge behind this then things are about to get really really interesting.



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