Corruption at Highest Level: John Kerry Threatened Ecuador into Closing Wikileaks Internet

These are sad days for the USA as we slowly fall into a Stalinist state of control and manipulation currently lead by our  authoritarian leftist leader Obama and his minions.

Wikileaks exposed shocking news today that U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry personally pressured and threatened the government of Ecuador to cut its founder Julian Assange’s internet access, preventing further publication of the damaging emails about the corruption, collusion and mafia like tatics of the corrupt of Clinton campaign.

On Tuesday, the Wikileaks Twitter confirmed by multiple sources that Kerry is abusing his position as head of the State Department to threaten the leftist South American government to disconnect Assange’s internet access. Assange has lived in the Ecuadorian embassy in London for the past four years. Kerry’s authority to make such a request would be dubious, as the hacked emails in question are not government correspondence, but private emails by partisan political campaign officials.

Kerry met with “Ecuador” President Rafael Correa in September and requested they shut down Assange’s operation out of their embassy.

A follow up call was made this week that threatened the small South American country if they do not comply,   daily polls shows Clinton losing one point every day new documents are released, latest polls show Trump is again only 1-2 points behind Hillary Clinton.

As these frightening revelations come to light it shows the importance of this election to remove the authoritarian leftist like Obama and Hillary Clinton from power, as the rule of law no longer applies to them. The democrat leaders have had a long standing rule of law that laws that apply to US citizens, although do not apply to them.  Hillary was also found to be colluding with the FBI selling favors for them to not find anything harmful in their instigation against her, a clear felony when both FBI leads and Hillary Clinton should face charges for these crimes.

USA is currently being run by a Banana Republic, authoritarian leftist leadership you see in 3rd world countries run under dictators. Sadly this is the new USA under what they call themselves “Progressives” and liberals destroying democracy and free speech, while acting under massive corruption and collusion.

Julian Assange has been living in the Ecuadorian embassy since 2012, after being accused of crimes in Sweden. Assange will be extradited to Sweden if he steps outside of the embassy, which is legally considered Ecuadorian, and not British, soil.


WikiLeaks have been giving us the American people all the ammunition we need to topple the enemy, and the mainstream media with their lying, conniving puppet journalists, and now John Kerry are doing everything to shield the traitorous enemy.

Are there any conscientious people left from DOJ//FBI, please come forward now and blow your whistles. Help save this country and make sure these people are never in government positions ever again, better yet locked up in prison cells for life.

God help the American People and WikiLeaks.

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