Sadam Hussein’s cousin a suspected ISIS collaborator

Kirkuk police announced Tuesday that they had apprehended a cousin of former Iraqi president Sadam Hussein on suspicion of collaborating with ISIS. The accused was hiding in a water tank and large quantities of weapons and ammunition were found nearby.

Hussein’s cousin is suspected if taking part in the abortive attack by ISIS on Kirkuk last week in which 75 members of the terrorist group were killed.

A senior member of the local police stated that the accused, who had previously served as a member of the Iraqi security services during the reign of his cousin, admitted taking part in the attack.

On Sunday the last batch of ISIS terrorists resisting in Kirkuk were liquidated after they had held out in a private building but there are still reports of ISIS terrorists hiding in areas conquered by the Iraqi army and the Kurds.

At the same time the Iraqi army reported new successes in its offensive on Mosul, including the killing one of the aides of ISIS leader Abu Bakr El-Bagdadi in an air attack near the city.

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