Europe at Boiling Point: France and Germany Decent into Chaos Due to Migrants

In the once peaceful Paris a MIGRANT turf war erupted into violence on the streets of one of Paris’ trendiest neighbourhoods early this morning as asylum seekers beat each other to a pulp with wooden clubs.

The area around Stalingrad Metro station was turned into a refugee battleground as rival gangs of migrants set upon each other in shocking scenes of violence.

Asylum seekers wearing hooded tops wielded makeshift clubs fashioned from lengths of wood which they used to bludgeon each other as horrified pedestrians looked on, sadly this is becoming the new normal for France.

The streets of Paris are now littered with rubbish and faeces. Often people can hear blood-curdling screams coming from the makeshifts camp in the middle of the night from women or little girl’s being gang-raped by Muslim migrants.

There was peace and a well being on the streets of Paris before they arrived. These intolerant violent foreign scum come and destroy that peace and well being. This is a taught culture . Just have a look at their country, full of crime, murder, rapes and gang warfare etc. because they are taught this.

The stupid foolish liberal do-gooders who embraced this so called cultural enrichment, you now got what you wanted. A plague of sex attacks, murders, gangs, drugs, burglaries, intimidation, aggression, threats, . Which all led to tribal warfare on our streets of Europe. Fools are those who cannot see the obvious, and boy, do we have plenty of them in Europe

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In Germany:

A group of up to 50 stone-throwing Germans went looking for migrants in the eastern German city of Bautzen yesterday to protect local woman from rapes and harassment from migrants.

Two Muslim Migrants fled from the group. Police were out in force at the time of the confrontation but apparently did not act until the refugees began to run from the group who had gathered at the city’s Holzmarkt.

More anger erupted in a migrant-hit German town after news emerged more than £750,000 is being ploughed into building two Islamic mosques, often centers for teaching haters and promoting terrorism, all funded by the German citizens.

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