College speaker calls out Hillary Clinton at her own rally

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Senator Bernie Sanders came to Iowa State University to rally his supporters to vote for Hillary Clinton; but at the beginning of the rally one of his strongest supporters on-campus derailed that message.

The president of ISU’s Bernie Sanders Club, Caleb Vanfosson, was one of the first speakers at the podium, but instead of echoing Senator Sander’s position of backing Hillary, he proceeded to bash her.

“She doesn’t care! Voting for the lesser of two evils, there’s no point!” he said before being escorted off stage by event organizers.

Prior to being taken off stage Vanfosson said that the only people who could trust Hillary Clinton were Wall Street players like Goldman Sachs. He says the move was calculated from the start.

“They were wanting me to be this puppet boy that they could use to show that hey, Bernie people are bowing down to the establishment now, we’re all good, but we’re still angry, we’re still tired of this system of oppression that we live under and I knew I had to do it the moment I got the call” said Vanfosson.

Senator Sanders took the stage a bit later speaking on voting early for Clinton, education, and campaign finance reform.

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