The Fake News Claims Trump is Inheriting a Strong Economy

by Daniel Carter

Politico, MSNBC, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Yahoo and many other fake news organizations are now claiming that Trump will inherit a strong economy.  WikiLeaks showed us in the last election cycle that many of these organizations are colluding with the Washington elite.  So, you must ask yourself: what narrative are they trying to peddle now?

The economy is anything but strong.

The unemployment rate had a decent number today, but that is because the Labor Force Participation Rate continued it’s downtrend last month.

The dollar continues to strengthen, which will make it difficult or impossible for many loans to be paid back around the world.  Jim Rickards, the author of  “Currency Wars: The Making of the Next Global Crisis”, had this to say about the surging dollar:

“It raises the prospect of a new liquidity crisis and financial panic worse than 2008… There are not enough dollars to go around. The losses will be enormous… We are closer to the stage (last seen in September 2008) where everybody wants her money back.’ When that happens, there’s never enough money.“

November’s bond market freefall wiped out a record $1.7 trillion of wealth, according to Bloomberg.

China has taken on massive amounts of debt and the European Union has banks that are struggling with Non-Performing Loans.  These issues may soon leak into the global economy.

The only bright spot is the stock market that has been artificially inflated by the Federal Reserves Quantitative Easing program.

Labor Participation Rate:

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The mainstream media’s objective is to promote the goals of the elites in Washington and their power brokers.  The elites’ goals are to gain more control over the population.  They will stop at nothing to get the masses to go along with the surveillance state, police state, welfare state, expansive military conquests, centralized economic control, and any other policy that will diminish personal freedom.  The more freedom you have to make decisions about your own life, the less power the ruling class has.

The Obama administration, and the administrations before him, were complicit in empowering the ruling class.  It is hard to tell how Trump will govern, but there is a perception that he is against the establishment elites that have grabbed so much power away from ordinary citizens.  He has at least spoken out in favor of sovereignty, and against the Federal Reserve and Military Industrial Complex.

Unfortunately, it is my suspicion that the ruling class will try to exterminate such ideas once and for all.  They will hand Trump a “strong” economy and then blame him for the ensuing collapse – so the narrative goes.  In reality, they are abandoning a sinking ship and hoping to come back stronger than ever.

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