No Evidence of Russian Hacking Just a Stark Raving Mad Leftist Lie

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The leftist claims that Russia actively sought to influence the American election and help Donald Trump become the next president are shocking.  But here is something they are not: evidence that the Russians hacked voting machines or changed the Election Day count. Unsubstantiated assertions that Russia actually manipulated the vote tally are themselves dangerous.

The Clinton campaign and the Obama administration have both said that they do not have any evidence that Russia hacked voting machines or altered voting technology. A federal judge, in rejecting Jill Stein’s lawsuit seeking a statewide recount in Pennsylvania, also pointed to a lack of evidence of election machine hacking.

More speculation to the hacking claims come up after the  the refusal of the FBI, CIA and National Intelligence directors to brief the House Intelligence Committee  panel on the alleged Russian cyber attacks.  House Intelligence Committee  Chairman Devin Nunes on Wednesday blasted their refusal to share date if they even have any as “unacceptable”.

The liberal media shamefully ignores inserting the requisite “alleged” that should precede any reference to unproven claims that Russia is behind the hacking of the Democratic Party’s (and the Republican Party’s) email server. All reports act as if this is a proven fact, yet not one shred of evidence has been presented to date.

The reality is that the CIA has presented no hard evidence that Russia is behind the hacking of the DNC’s or or Clinton’s private home server. The excuse is given that the Agency doesn’t want to disclose any of its sources, so the reader is left with the pathetic plea, from both the Agency and the White House: “Trust us.”

This comes after months of leftist claims that Russia was behind the email hacks on the Clinton campaign released by Wikileaks during the election.  The left presented this as factual that the DNC was hacked by Russia.  Althguh the mainstream liberal biased media refused to report this, but not only has Julian Assange from Wikileaks flat out denied he received any of the email from Russia.

Craig Murray, former British ambassador  and an associate of Wikileaks founder, disclosed that he was the one the received the data.  He said he flew to Washington, D.C. for a clandestine hand-off with one of the email sources in September.

Murray again confirmed the source was not Russia saying: ‘Neither of the leaks came from the Russians,’ said Murray in an interview on Tuesday. ‘The source had legal access to the information. The documents came from inside leaks, not hacks.’

To further complicate matters, On December 10, The Washington Post reported that both CIA and FBI agencies are not on the same page, which seemed to have angered liberal biased Democrats: The FBI said there is no definitive proof that the Kremlin ordered such cyber attacks. It’s all based on circumstantial evidence, innuendo, and anonymous sources said a senior FBI counterintelligence official.

Unless and until we have actual evidence of voting manipulation, it undermines the legitimacy of our electoral system to suggest something was amiss based on sheer speculation. And it could cause politicians to adopt laws in the name of “election integrity” that will actually harm the fundamental right to vote.

A majority of American are not buying the leftist propaganda either, they majority of voters think that Russia had no effect on the US presidential election, a new survey revealed. A Fox News Poll released on Wednesday showed that US voters think there “was no real effect on the presidential race from Russian cyber-attacks.”

Donald Trump has repeatedly dismissed reports over the Russian hacking as “ridiculous,” and accused Democrats of making things up because they are upset that he won the Nov. 8 presidential election over their candidate, Hillary Clinton.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest cannot even keep his lies strait,  during his daily briefing he “mistakenly” said “China” was behind the election-related hacking.

“What I’ve tried to do is present object facts and I think the objective fact that’s relevant here is the intelligence community, a month before the election, came forward and presented a unanimous view, a high-confidence assessment, that China was engaged in malicious cyber activity to destabilize our political system,” Earnest said.

“You said China,” a reporter responded, “You meant…”

“I’m sorry, I meant Russia,” Earnest said, trying to hide a smirk. “Flipping back and forth between topics — tricky.” See the video below.

Moscow has repeatedly denied any interference in the presidential election, calling the allegations absurd and an attempt to distract US voters from pressing domestic issues.



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