Leftist Racism: My (black only, please) Brother’s Keeper


A few days ago President Obama offered up non-specific, feel-good pabulum in a speech at the final White House My Brother’s Keeper National Summit. My Brother’s Keeper is a highly controversial, racist, blatantly unconstitutional mentoring program.

It was created specifically by Obama to help young black men and no one else. Author Paul Sperry describes it as a “‘racial justice’ initiative … launched in the wake of the 2012 death of Florida teen Trayvon Martin.”

Naturally, in his brief address Obama acted as if all Americans were fine with a federally funded program that is not color-blind. He didn’t acknowledge that the program violates (at a minimum) the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. He just took it for granted that it is the rightful purpose of the U.S. government to dole out special favors to people based on the color of their skin.

That’s the way left-wingers see the Constitution: if they like something, like sunshine or puppies, it must be constitutional. If something is bad, guns for example, it must be unconstitutional. If you don’t believe me, ask one (the lefty, not the gun).

“It’s almost three years ago,” he said, “we launched the My Brother’s Keeper initiative to give more of our young people the tools and the support that they need to stay on track for a bright future.”

No mention of the racist discrimination, i.e. the exclusion of non-blacks (and all females), that is at the core of the program. Change it so it doesn’t exclude non-blacks and women and it likely would not run afoul of the nation’s founding document. (Note: To be clear, I am not saying this kind of program in general is socially desirable or a good idea. I am only opining on its dubious constitutionality.)

 Interestingly, pundit plenipotentiary Jonah Goldberg, who has been blowing kisses at Black Lives Matter recently, put some energy into apologizing for this loathsome (and likely useless) program.

That’s why I agree with those liberals who think Obama should have done more sooner for young black men. It may be irrational in a legalistic sense, but in human terms it is utterly obvious that the first black president of the United States — raised by a single mother no less — might have special standing with at-risk black youth. Real life happens outside the neat boundaries of rigid legalisms. It also happens upstream of government. I’m very skeptical this program will do much to fix the deeper problems, but if it causes Obama to focus on them, it’s probably worth it.

This vulgar embrace of identity politics, apparently, is what passes for a conservative viewpoint at National Review nowadays.

Not surprisingly the speakers roster for the event listed a few destructive, antisocial people, extreme leftists who should be breaking big rocks into little rocks in prison like Chicagoland thug Valerie Jarrett, kooky Labor Secretary Tom Perez, and black nationalist Rashad Robinson of ColorofChange.

Only one more month of this divisive garbage.

Serenity now…serenity now…serenity now…

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