Trump: US Intel Has ‘Absolutely No Evidence’ Of Hacking

US President-elect Donald Trump stated on Saturday that the US intelligence services “stated very

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strongly there was absolutely no evidence” that alleged Russia’s hacking affected the results of the presidential election as voting machines had not been hacked.

“Intelligence stated very strongly there was absolutely no evidence that hacking affected the election results. Voting machines not touched!” Donald Trump said via Twitter.

The only hacking was that of Clinton and her staffs emails, Wikileaks had said many times the source was not Russia.

What the Democrats are having a hard time accepting is the context of the email was the problems, the collusion’s with CNN, the stealing of the nomination from Bernie Sanders and of course the cheating during the debates as it was exposed Hillary received the questions before hand.

The DNC refused to allow the FBI to examine the hacked computer. Instead, they insisted that Crowdstrike, a private company run by an ex-Russian who hates Russia, was the only organization that could examine the server. That was very strange and not typical that they would have a private company conduct the examinations, a huge red flag.

US House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan also suggested that the assessment should not be used by partisans to delegitimize Trump’s presidency.

The US president-elect also stated on Saturday that he believes that the issue of the alleged hack of the US Democratic National Committee (DNC) is being discussed only because the Democratic Party is “totally embarrassed” because of US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s loss in the election.

All these allegations about hacking by Russian agencies is nonsense. Of course, all kind of US agencies have been trying to break into foreign computers. And many other groups/ individuals have been trying to break into US computers. That has been going on for years, we all know that.

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