Saudi Prince bin Talal: Palestinians must end their occupation of Jewish lands in Judea

Riyadh- According to the Saudi daily al-Watan, the Saudi Prince al-Waleed bin Talal has raised eyebrows once again among Saudi political circles as he announced his unwavering support for ‘Jewish nation’ and slammed Palestinians’ obstinate refusal to accept the ‘historical facts’.

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“Please do not mix things, I, myself an ardent Muslim Arab, thus I cannot betray my fellow co-religionists, but this must not prevent me from uttering the truth and the truth cannot reveal itself to my Arab brothers unless somebody starts to educate them the true history and expunge all those entirely fallacious dogmas inscribed on their soul,” al-Watan cited the Saudi Prince, a media tycoon as saying.

“I studies myriad of unbiased books and articles about Judaism and Jewish nation and I cannot be a sincere Muslim if I ignore what Lord has bestowed on Prophet Ibrahim (Peace Be Upon Him) when the Almighty gave all lands Ibrahim saw to him and his offspring forever, therefore, morally speaking, Palestinians are illegitimately occupying the historical Jewish lands in Judea and Samaria; the West Bank of the Jordan River,” the pro-Israeli Saudi phenomenon said.


I do not say the vast majority of Palestinians are disloyal, added Prince bin Talal, but this is an established fact that many of them change horses in midstream, as a matter of fact, Palestinians  always complaint and howl about Israeli injustice but I have reports saying that Palestinian construction companies are providing the Israeli army with materiel and concrete to build separation wall ; I also have disdain for certain Palestinians for being annoyingly obstinate , though  the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is financially resourceful and I can guarantee that Riyadh will help them [Palestinians] to dwell permanently among their Arab brothers and work side-by-side with our Israeli friends to bring eternal peace to our region.

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