Syrian President ‘I Support Trump’s Ban On Syrian’s, It Will Stop Terrorists From Infiltrating The USA’


For years, President Asad of Syria was vilified by Obama and the media for being a supporter of terrorism when it wasn’t ever true. In fact, he spent years imprisoning and killing Muslim terrorists and is loved by Muslims and Christians alike in Syria because of his commitment to keeping the peace.

In a recent interview with European media, President Asad said that he supported American President Donald Trump’s ban on Syria travelers from coming to the USA because it would help stop the spread of terrorism:

Syria’s president Bashar al-Assad today said Donald Trump’s ban on Syrians entering the United States targeted terrorists, not his country’s people.

Trump last month issued an executive order, since suspended by a judge, that temporarily barred travellers from seven Muslim-majority countries including Syria.

Assad made the claims during an interview which is due to be broadcast on Thursday.

In an interview broadcast with Europe 1 radio and TF1 television, the dictator said: ‘It’s against the terrorists that would infiltrate some of the immigrants to the West. And that happened. It happened in Europe, mainly in Germany.

‘I think the aim of Trump is to prevent those people from coming… not against the Syrian people.’

Trump said his order, which triggered protests at home and abroad and confusion at US and international airports, was intended to prevent militants from entering the United States. His administration is challenging the suspension ruling, which was upheld last week by appeal court judges.

Assad’s government has often criticised Western states for their support for Syrian rebel groups, all of which are regarded by Damascus as terrorists, and has warned that such backing will lead to militant attacks around the world.

Trump has not yet set out a clear policy on Syria but has indicated he could cut US support for insurgent groups and has said he wants to mend ties with Russia, whose President Vladimir Putin is Assad’s strongest international ally.

Assad denied his regime engaged in torture, accusing defectors of creating their stories for international human rights organizations: ‘They said they interviewed few witnesses, who are opposition and defected. So it’s biased.

‘We don’t do this, it’s not our policy. Torture for what? … For sadism?… to get information? We have all the information.

‘If we commit such atrocities it’s going to play into the hands of the terrorists, they’re going to win. It’s about winning the hearts of the Syrian people, if we commit such atrocities… we wouldn’t have (popular) support (through) six years of war.’ (source)

No matter what your opinion of President Asad of Syria is, the treatment he has been given in American and European media is beyond disgraceful. He was and is the legitimate ruler of a sovereign nation who, while far from perfect, cares deeply about his nation and the effect that events in his nation could have on others because it is in his best interest. He has shown his commitment to this repeatedly, standing alongside Muslim and Christian communities against Islamic terrorism.

We have noted here how while the elements of ISIS were always present in that nation, it was Asad who kept them under control and it was the United States and her allies who both temporarily deposed Asad and gave the financial, logistical, and technical support. ISIS is not just another ‘popular movement’ that grew overnight like a mushroom on a log. It was carefully constructed by creating and maintaining the ideal conditions for an Islamist movement to grow and then giving them the tools and license to do what they naturally would do.

The media can lie, but eventually the truth always comes out. Far from being an ‘evil dictator,’ President Asad worked to save the Christians and his nation from destruction and is still doing do. On the other hand, former President Obama and his government did nothing for Syria, having started a massive, horrible war and are a direct accessory to the genocide of the Christian peoples of Syria and Iraq.

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