Ben Carson Was Right About Slaves As Immigrants


Ben Carson is so intelligent, it screws up the liberal leftists who believe they are smarter than everyone else.  For example, the liberal left was all over Ben Carson in November of 2015 when he said, “Jefferson, seemed to have very deep insight into the way that people would react and tried to craft our Constitution in a way that it would control people’s natural tendencies and control the natural growth of the government.”  Thomas Jefferson, however, was in France during the Constitutional Convention in 1787, so the Democrats and their minions leaped all over it, and accused Dr. Carson of being in error.

The thing is, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison were in daily correspondence, and Jefferson was a heavy influence not only on the writing of the Constitution, but on the political opinions of people like James Madison during the convention.  According to John Taylor’s 1823 “New Views of the Constitution of the United States,” most of the founders entered the convention as nationalists (big government supporters), but the document became the ultimate owner’s manual for limited government.

Later, after the criticisms, Ben Carson said, regarding the media’s attacks on him about his Jefferson comment, “People spend too much time looking at little words and phrases without looking at the implications or the big picture.”

In short, Carson was right, just not the way the liberal left would be able to admit.

Dr. Carson is under assault, again, for his use of language that goes beyond the comprehension of the liberal left.

Now, as the Housing and Urban Development Secretary, Ben Carson made a statement in his first speech in that role that compared slavery to immigration in the United States.  His liberal left opposition again went into “gotcha” mode, saying Carson’s words were inaccurate and a misleading reading of American history.

Carson was talking about the work ethic and dreams of immigrants who came to the United States through Ellis Island.  “There were other immigrants who came here on the bottom of slave ships, worked even longer, even harder for less,” Carson said as he walked across a stage holding a microphone.

I understand the jumping to conclusions.  Immigration, as a term, brings to mind “voluntary” migration to the country in which the immigrant desires to live in.  Slavery was involuntary servitude.  Ben Carson, however, doesn’t follow trends of language as much as the actual definitions of language.

While we assume the meaning of the word immigrant means “voluntary” migration from one country to another, the reality is, the definition provided to us by dictionaries does not indicate whether or not that movement is considered voluntary, or involuntary, therefore, both must be assumed to be true.

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