Liberal media’s propaganda isn’t working, because normal people aren’t influenced by it


In a previous commentary, I pointed out how the Democrats’ and liberal media’s constant drum beat for more gun control didn’t work over the eight years of the 44th president’s administration.

There are some other propaganda narratives that haven’t totally stuck yet with the majority of the public, so pointing out some of them might help save some of the savable.

Let’s start with this “Russian connection” thing. It is the Democrats’ and liberals’ most concerted effort to date to embarrass President Trump, and to force Attorney General Jeff Sessions to resign. The liberals are looking for a victory, and they are depending on the stupidity and gullibility of the American people to help them get that unwarranted resignation.

Democrats and liberal media are still screaming for blood

Despite all of the media noise, no new information or facts have emerged. President Trump threw wire tapping into the pot, and Congress is now going to do a full investigation.

Sessions has even recused himself from the investigation to show there’s no there there, but the Democrats and liberal media are still screaming for blood before the investigation is complete. That’s what they do, because they don’t care about the facts.

Then there’s health care! Before the Republicans announced their replacement for the UCA, Democrats had already started their scare campaign about how bad the Republican proposal was going to be. The liberal media are oh so willing to highlight the Republicans who oppose the new plan, so as to add fuel to the Democrats’ imaginary fire.

The Republicans’ American Health Care Act goes to its two respective committees today to begin markup, but the liberal media wants people to believe it’s already a done deal. The next step is for the committees to get together and produce one bill to go to the floor of the House for limited debate and a vote.

Throughout this process, Democrats and the liberal media are screaming negative propaganda about the new proposal, and trying to scare as many people as they can that they are going to lose their health insurance.

Liberals don’t care about the truth. It’s all about them and power over people

It’s simply not true under any Republican scenario, but as I have said often, liberals don’t care about the truth. It’s all about them and power over people.

The Democrats are also trying to start a whisper campaign about the “impeachment” of President Trump. Congressman Keith Ellison, who recently lost his bid to become chairman of the Democratic National Committee, claims that President Trump has committed “impeachable offenses”, but he has never said what those are because there are none! He just hopes his liberal media allies will grab it and run with it. They haven’t yet because they are too busy trying to skewer Sessions and save the disastrous UCA.

Then there’s the chorus of prominent Democrat and liberal media voices who continue to say how divided we are as a nation because Donald Trump was elected president. They also continue to harp on him to bring us together.

First, we are divided in their eyes and the lens of the liberal media, because that’s what they want gullible people to believe. But that’s not what people are experiencing in their everyday lives, and most of them don’t believe it.

When I go to the grocery store, a restaurant, the pharmacy, through an airport, to church, or check into a hotel, I don’t see people lining up on opposite sides of these places declaring their allegiance for or against President Trump. Nor are they declaring their allegiance to a political party. In fact, many people want pictures with me while telling me they used to vote Democrat.

Sick and tired of the divisive rhetoric

Another fact! Many people are calling my radio show and admitting they voted Democrat, but saying they are sick and tired of the divisive rhetoric. They are saying let’s give this president a chance to do his job, and move on.

Second, the loudest voices against bringing this nation together are Democrat and liberal voices. Representative Maxine Waters (D-California) has said publicly she will not meet or sit down with President Trump. She and other Democrats did not attend President Trump’s first speech to a joint session of Congress, because they did not even want to hear what he had to say.

President Trump had a lot to say, which is positively resonating with people who want the best for this country and its people. Maybe Representative Waters and others forgot it’s not about them. It’s about the nation.

Name calling, negative narratives, false and fake news by Democrats and liberals are not going to stop, because that’s all they have to try to stop President Trump and his administration from making this a better America.

Sadly, those same liberals believe the last eight years were the new normal, while most of us believe otherwise.

Gladly, most people are just tuning out the negative liberal propaganda. We are focused on the positive results that are unfolding.

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