We Hear You: Religious Liberty, Same-Sex Marriage, and Wedding Cakes

Editor’s note: We got a big reaction with our report on the appeals court date for the husband-and-wife Oregon bakers ordered by a state agency to pay $135,000 for declining to make a wedding cake for a lesbian couple. Here’s a sampling to lead off our latest roundup of mail.—Ken McIntyre

Dear Daily Signal: How can Aaron and Melissa Klein, former owners of Sweet Cakes by Melissa, be accused of refusing service to the lesbian couple, when they would have made any other kind of cake, muffin, cookies, or pastry for the same couple?  They just refused to make a wedding cake  for a same-sex marriage (“Bakers Accused of Hate Get Emotional Day in Court“).

Maybe a Muslim wouldn’t make a bar mitzvah cake. What will the courts do then, since we are so afraid to offend a Muslim?  Where is the protection for the offended Christian? The Kleins did not shut out gays, blacks, or Jews; it was just a darn wedding cake.

It is the Oregon law that should be illegal, because it took away a protected constitutional liberty—freedom of religion.—Bette Y.


Thanks for Kelsey Harkness’ detailed article on the Kleins’ battle for their constitutional rights to exercise religious beliefs. They got nowhere in oppressive administrative proceedings, and the federal court is an opportunity to seek constitutional redress for the first time.

Tucker Carlson failed to make that distinction on his March 2 show on Fox News. Thank you for clarifying a very important point.

Carlson did note, as you did, that the Kleins were told they could not speak of their case by the state of Oregon. That should outrage every American.  It was interesting to learn of their family and how they clearly are not anti-gay, just very religious. Nicely done.—Mary Brvenik

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I struggle with this case.  A strong part of me wants to support the Kleins based on religious liberty, but I am troubled that in doing so I might be re-establishing “separate but equal.” I understand the lesbian couple could have gone to many other bakers, but so could the blacks who sat at the infamous lunch counter.—Will Luden


Very well written. Probably the best-balanced item I have seen or read on this very emotional issue. Thank you.—D.G. Cayse


Grow Up, Congress

Dear Daily Signal: If these overpaid (based on the quality of production) prima donnas in Congress would become more attuned to the needs of the taxpayers they were elected to serve, President Trump’s promises would be well on their way to being enacted into law (“Note to Congress: Light Work Schedule Isn’t Getting the Job Done”).

Maybe the slogan “drain the swamp” should include all of the Republicans who are holding up the president’s agenda by following the “business as usual” attitude. They, once again, have the power in numbers along with a president who will sign their bills for the wellbeing of the American people.

It is now time for Congress to grow up and be “big boys” and realize they were elected by the concerned American people to work to accomplish something, not just bicker and make excuses for their lack of productivity. No wonder their poll ratings are at rock bottom.

I hope Genevieve Wood’s commentary will be read and heeded by many throughout our country, and that they will respond by building a fire under their representatives and senators, letting them know their displeasure with their lackluster performance. —Bill Shearin

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Crunch Time

Dear Daily Signal: I strongly suspect that the quality and effectiveness of your news and commentary have improved significantly. It’s almost too good, because I find myself having to read almost all of your items, instead of giving them a quick once-over and moving on.

My only suggestion might be to name the Republicans who are trying to impede the president’s agenda, unless they are willing to spell out why they feel that way so we can decide if that reason justifies their opposition.

Oh, I’d also like to see action steps that we can take to move things along at a faster pace. This is crunch time, not the time to hibernate. Conservatives really don’t enjoy politics, and need to be motivated to increase their involvement in the struggle for national survival.

We’re a long way from being able to rest on the results of this past election, as Steve Bannon, the White House chief strategist, said so clearly. The left never will accept defeat. They are smart, dedicated, tenacious, patient, and not to be underestimated.—Frank Neuhaus

Top-Notch Work

Dear Daily Signal: I just watched Kelsey Harkness’ video report on gun suppressors, “Underreported: How Gun Silencers Became a Health Issue.” Thank you for reporting on a topic that some approach in a strictly emotional manner, ignoring the factual health and safety issues.

Your report on suppressors, or silencers, was fair and objective. I am a regular reader of your news journalism and think your work is top-notch.—Kevin Hughes, retired master sergeant, Illinois State Police

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Vive la Différence

Dear Daily Signal: Mille foi! In Paris, with no TV or newspaper, I’d suffer if not for the likes of The Daily Signal on iPhone. I’ll be contributing when back in California. Encore merci.—Ann Power

How Are We Doing?

Just keep it up, as we all need a breath of fresh air.—Harry White

Thankful for your existence and service. Much needed.—Sandra Ward

You’re doing great, keep up the good work. We need the hard, cold facts presented.—Tim Berry

You are an encouraging voice to read each day. Thank you so very much.—Myrtie Mott

You guys are doing wonderful. I could relate this to you daily, will try not to.—Jerry Ford

These Cabinet delays are an insult and affront to the American voters who elected President Trump.—Mary Gayhart

You’re one thing I’ll always read. I like the short reads that are to the point. Makes it quickly digestible.—Larry Weeds

I absolutely think you guys are great.—Bernice Robertson

I look forward to your news first thing in the morning with my coffee. —Vito Celebron

Great job. Americans are starving for factual, unbiased news. Keep pressing.—Phil Clayton

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