Robinson Tears Into Leftist Reporter: “50,000 British Muslims Downloaded Terrorist Mag. Muslims Waging War

Isn’t it strange that leftist reporters work harder at defending the rights of terrorists than the rights of the victims?   
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Former English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson went to town on a reporter today after he was interrupted in the midst of a Rebel Media interview at the scene of the London terror attack.

Robinson was speaking with Rebel Media’s Caolan Robertson on the unsurprising nature of the incident in light of the suspected perpetrator’s identity being released.

“This isn’t a shock to me,” said Robinson. “I don’t understand people who are surprised by this. We have over 3,000 Muslims who are monitored 24 hours a day 7 days a week at a cost of nine billion [pounds] a year. We’re following them, waiting for them to do this.”

As Robinson continued to rant, a crowd apparently formed around him and began filming. Among them was a reporter who quickly took the offense against Robinson.

“Do you have information that no one else seems to have?” inquired the reporter.

“I have information that shows there was four terrorist attacks last week in France,” shot back Robinson. “There was 12 planned last year. Driving your car like this man has done is exactly what the ‘Inspire’ magazine, which is Al Qaeda’s magazine, which was downloaded by 50,000 British Muslims last year… 50,000 British Muslims downloaded a terrorist manual.”


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