A Battle Of Misinformation That Only TRUTH Can Win


Just the other day an adult male (I’d rather not call him a ‘man’) went into a Muncie, Indiana Goodwill store and began preaching Islam. In the course of his sharing the glad tidings of the religion of peace, he snatched an elderly woman by her throat and began choking her while screeching, “Allahu Akbar!” The weirdo was identified as Khaliad Bilal. Sounds like a Hispanic or maybe Irish name, to me – though I want to avoid profiling. I can’t be certain, of course.

I mentioned the incident to my friends on Facebook. And one of my liberal acquaintances dismissed it as ‘fake news’. I challenged that. And she responded, “You can Google it for yourself! It’s not on CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, NPR, PBS – none of them!” I did, and she was right. It was a genuine piece of news that first appeared in a Muncie paper, ‘The Ball State Daily’, and then spread like a rash around the Internet on all sorts of grassroots publications. But the big six seemed to have missed it. So, to her and a growing number of Americans – it wasn’t real.

Mainstream media has good reasons not to mention (and they haven’t been) some Muslim-related garbage that has been happening more and more in our own nation – just exactly like what has already been increasingly going down in Europe for decades. Second or third on the list of excuses for keeping mum has a lot to do with a cute precept that was years ago credited to our first black president and his then chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel: “I never met a crisis that I didn’t like.”

And now that the true mettle of ‘patriotism’ of those characters is undeniably evident, the influx of Muslim refugees that the left’s professional politicians have been demanding our inviting in is entirely explainable: Specifically the flow of these immigrants will augment the standing army that their deep state empire will underwrite and use to resist the restoration of constitutional America. A year ago none of that statement would have made any sense. Today it is fleshed out and unfolding before our eyes. It is treasonous. It is another system of government outside of our Constitution. It is a civil war that is now flowering – from which we may never heal.

Aiding in our disintegration is the bullying the world has been enduring for especially the last 50 years under the advancing tyranny of Islam. Terrorists have succeeded in teaching infidels everywhere the cost of not lying down, surrendering, before the cowardly assaults of Islam. And their intimidation has worked so well that nearly every world leader – since Ronald Reagan and prior to Benjamin Netanyahu and now Donald Trump – has been outdoing each other in osculating the backsides of Muslim nations – entirely because they are afraid not to. And they think they can thereby – IN THEIR COOPERATING WITH THAT TYRANNY – secure a personal safety and great profit for themselves.

Wrist-kissing spinelessness of an Obama, Merkel, Clinton or Kerry

And it is the wrist-kissing spinelessness of an Obama, Merkel, Clinton or Kerry that is precisely the unconditional compromise demanded in the clear message of Islam. Here are Islam’s terms to a cowering world: “We will hide ourselves under black hoods. We are not obligated to wear any identifying uniforms. We will seduce and enlist your gullible youth and even the amoeba-like parents who helped program them. We are unabashed evil working under the lying banner of “religion of peace.” And you will fear us, help us and join us in our hatred of Israel, Jews and Christians. And their implied ‘bargain’ offered is, “… or we will continue in our unpredictable, faceless malevolence. But in fact there are no guarantees and, as always, you’ll never see us coming or know where we will strike next.”

Most of the fat and sleepy world is now ignorant of the nonnegotiable LAW of any deal that the devil makes. Nevertheless, it has always been exactly this: “Even the most fawning compliance will never result in any guarantee or good for the fool who subscribes to my threats and/or empty promises.” The dark author of Islam has found his ultimate opportunity in the 21st century where Godly morality and true character have been supplanted by the flimsy convenience of political correctness. The adversary of our souls knows that the voice of the nagging conscience of unregenerate people headed toward judgment can be attenuated by them comforting themselves in keeping the ‘rules’ that seem right to them.

It turns my stomach every time I hear another Nancy Pelosi spout the lie that the Democratic party’s brand of righteousness is the essence of true Christianity and the fulfillment of the will of God. And the left can boldly make such claims because most of today’s world hasn’t a nodding acquaintance with the genuine word of God, His real expectations, or the unique and exclusive personage of the Jesus of scripture (which is all readily available in God’s answer to the prayer of a sincere heart). If people are unaware or simply careless of the judgments of God, that presents no problem. We humans have the arrogance and volition to decide our own set of rights and wrongs, and be comfortable in that discipline. Moreover we will condemn and reject those who insist upon recognizing some small-minded God who would dare to challenge our sovereignty.

History taught in today’s schools is so skewed that the broad majority is following the fairy tales being sold

And the history taught in today’s schools is so skewed that the broad majority is following the fairy tales being sold about how the currently invading, unvetted river of America-hating Muslims are actually “dream chasers” like the immigrants of a century ago. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Crusades, though carried out by an unpolished and often unchristian-like group of warriors, were the result of non-Islamic people who were necessarily defending themselves against a MILITANT Islam that was doing then what it is gearing up to do again today. And instead of our propagating the truth of historical fact, we are – in strained political correctness – forcing an “Islam Appreciation Week” on our unknowing and impressionable schoolchildren.

People who try to liken Islamists with Catholics, Lutherans or Baptists are instantly exposing their ignorance or demonic deception. In articles I wrote years ago,  I said that the evils of serpentine Islam are “hidden in plain sight” in the Quran. The articles of control and deadly jihad are salted in amongst and right alongside the syrupy peaceful-sounding drivel craftily put together by a murderous pedophile who couldn’t even read. And everyone, from professional politicians to a theologically rubbery pope, is in league with a lying devil who uses political correctness to protect the ignorance that allows such deception to stand.

The founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, Hassan al Banna, wasn’t mincing any words when he boldly – perhaps even as a taunt – said this about Islam: “It is the nature of Islam to dominate, not to be dominated, to impose its law on all nations and to expand its power to the entire planet.” And yet a slippery ‘Barack Hussein Obama’ (in this day and age, a much more marketable name he very sensibly chose over Barry Soetoro) aiding and abetting friend and member of the brotherhood has kept the veil in place in order to allow what amounts to an inoculation of a cancer that will ultimately destroy any government outside of a sharia-empowered caliphate. I still remember my breathlessness the day I heard his forked tongue utter, “Islamic terrorism? I don’t see it.”

And so a growing number of willfully ignorant Americans under the mesmerizing power of a controlling media disguised as a free press are now daily choosing to, at all costs, continue catering to an overpowering and evil political force that has disguised itself as a religion – Islam. And it appears that they will satisfy themselves with whatever final verdict regarding reality is dictated by CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, NPR or PBS. Because, after all, they know what is best. And, believe it or not, people are actually allowing these very fallible and documentedly often dishonest businesses to decide for them what is real and what is not.

About 2000 years ago a very real Jesus, the Son of the Creator-God who made us, told us that the end-time world’s biggest problems would be centered upon the tiny nation of Israel. Was that just a lucky guess? And when His apostle, Paul, so perfectly described the prevalent failures and heresy and character-less people of the last days – that we are now witnessing if we but open our eyes, minds and hearts to that truth – was that a coincidence as well? As humans we are like walking chemistry sets living in a creation that works like a clock. And, as even science confirms, the only thing out of control in our existence is our potentially deadly free will. And that same apostle, in all of his lack of sophistication and two millennia before the fact, described a religious-looking DEVIL who would absolutely ‘disguise himself as an angel of light.’

The scramble of problems we are facing amount to a bowl of spaghetti that mankind on its own will never be able to unravel. But the players are now choosing sides that amount to much more than governing policy or politics – but, rather, a simple and stark choice between good and evil.  It has been said that, “When society no longer recognizes an absolute, society will then become its own absolute.” (Francis Schaeffer) That day is upon us. And its ultimate end is unavoidable and final.

“Choose ye this day whom ye will serve.”


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