Bashar Assad Is Unlikely To Have Deliberately Attacked Civilians With Nerve Gas

Posted by Keith Davies

  • Save a site run by Walid Shoebat reported back in 2013 that the first gas attack in Syria was done by the Islamist rebels. Their findings were confirmed three weeks later by Yosef Bodansky a conservative security expert and seconded by Seymor Hersh a left wing Jouranlist nearly six months later.

Below is a video done by a Syrian apologist which is a more plausible explanation than anything we have seen on USA TV news and corresponds more what we have uncovered in our investigations in the past. He uses evidence and logic what might be the real truth on this Chemical/Gas attack. While we cannot confirm exactly what happened the US news media has provided no concrete evidence on who possessed the gas and was there any deliberate intent to bomb the Chemical weapon storage facility.


Remember ISIS and the rebels are on the run and close to defeat. Whether you sympathize with this situation or not it makes no sense why Assad would deliberatly use weapons of mass destruction and target innocent children. Assad is also a master propagandist, so it makes no political or military sense to deliberatly use these weapons or even target gas factories, however it makes perfect sense for the rebels to have the gas factory destroyed and have as many innocents killed while trying to blame Assad. They need US military intervention to help them oust Assad as currently they are on their last legs.

We are no personal fan of either Assad or the Islamists but from a purely practical and politcial assessment Assad will bring stability to Syria, protect the Christian minority and keep the islamists at bay. It is a totally foolish policy to support Islamist rebels which is the official current policy of the US government

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