Is America About To Become A Banana Republic?

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Keith Davies Politcial Correspondent

The Trump Eaves Dropping Scandal probably the worst Political Scandal in US History. If people who are involved do not face justice our country becomes a Banana Republic.

Watergate will look like a minor blip on the history of all politcial scandals in the USA. Susan Rice Obama’s former security advisor is probably only a very minor player in what is yet to come.

This will be a long drawn out scandal because dozens of people at the top of the political spectrum as well as the top officials appointed by Obama are probably involved. When these people are exposed they should be going to jail for a very long time. Now that does not mean they will go to prison but based on what evidence will likely be exposed drip by drip; if they do not go to jail our country will be nothing more than a banana republic which has no respect for its own rule of law.

This scandal goes to the very top and may include Obama (the instigator) as well as Hillary Clinton (possible co-instigator and beneficiary), Loretta Lynch the former attorney general and possibly all the heads of the major intelligence agencies and very likely could also include the director of the FBI James Comey. According to a report published today (April 5th 2017) by Adam Housely and Malia Zimmerman at the Intelligence Services are already stonewalling the investigation. What does that tell you? Mike Rogers current head of the NSA (also during Obama administration) and James Clapper former director of National Intelligence who already has lied under oath in Congressional hearings and John Brennan, Obama’s CIA director also has lied under oath, are all dedicated Democrats who may have at best turned a blind eye to using their intelligence services as political character assassination operatives and at worst cooperated fully with the administration to spy on the political opposition.

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The White House does not do investigations; they have agencies that investigate for them which include the FBI, CIA, NSA, the Justice department and other Federal agencies. The White House relies on these agencies to get information in order to fight our enemies and the war against Muslim terrorists. The Obama administration in order to get information on anyone, friend or foe from covert methods must use the intelligence services to do so.

Susan Rice was just a mere pawn and a loyal soldier of Obama, who may have organized the scheme but she would only have carried out such a scheme based on the instruction from Obama and her common hatred of the Republicans/Donald Trump.

We know from the media reports from several sources that Trump and/or his team were spied upon for at least a year, if not longer, prior to January 20th 2017. Why would this be the case? This would have been prior to any of the false accusations from the liberal media on President Trump’s connection to Putin or Russia. While the Democrats publicly stating they were delighted to run against Trump and could beat him easily, then why did they use many dirty tricks the Clinton campaign used to plant violent protesters at Trump rallies and to use underhand illegal methods to undermine our constitutional republic as exposed by James O’Keefe of Project Veritas. It is not beyond comprehension to believe that Hillary Clinton with the aid of President Obama used our intelligence services to spy on their political opponents. Not only is it not beyond comprehension, the track record of both Obama and the Clintons, this type of lawlessness it very plausible. Do we remember the targeting of conservative charities by Lois Lerner at the IRS, which still has not been properly resolved or the spying on journalists James Rosen and Sharyl Attkisson?

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The Clintons have a long track record of dirty tricks in dozens of scandals too numerous to detail. Neither of these two people have any regard for the law or common decency, power and prestige is all they desire and their track record would indicate that spying on their political enemies is well in reach of what they would do if they had the opportunity and there is much evidence to suggest they could very well be culpable.

Here is more evidence that is not the final nail but the smoking gun that warrants the major investigation. Evelyn Farkas a former pentagon analyst at the Russian desk who resigned from the Pentagon in 2015 to work at the Clinton election campaign stated on MSNBC that during the campaign she was urging people on the Hill (Democrat operatives) to leak information on Trump.

This is material evidence that proves that Clinton’s campaign knew of the spying on Trump’s people and is probable cause for investigation immediately of Clinton and her campaign of having access to classified information as well as using that information illegally to undermine the election. It is ironic that the Democrats accuse Trump of colluding with Russia to undermine the election yet they were doing the exact thing they were accusing others of.

When we finally get to the truth in a year or two, these facts will probably be confirmed with solid overwhelming evidence. If it turns out to be true, Obama, Clinton, and many senior members of her campaign and the Obama administration should be on trial for both for treason and illegal acts concerning the misuse of intelligence.

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It is a very sad situation that this probably occurred but our reaction as a country will probably be underwhelming with people probably getting away with not even a slap on the wrist. If we can allow this behavior and outrageous illegal acts that undermine the basic democratic principles of our Republic to stand without proper accountability then the USA is no longer a country that has any values worth fighting for.

When the evidence becomes overwhelming we will see if Democrats are Americans first or party partisans through and through. Most Republicans were willing to impeach Nixon because they put their country first over their party.

When Democrats criticize conservatives and Republicans for not advancing policies that are “in line with American values” just bring up this spy scandal and throw it in their hypocritical faces.

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