Making America Great Again by Reversing Obama’s Immigration Fail!

By John W. Lillpop

Among the more egregious, destructive policies brought to America by Barack Obama and corrupt Democrat politicians was the foolish refusal to enforce existing immigration laws and, in fact, to actually encourage unlawful immigration by non-citizens perceived to be sympathetic to liberal policies and likely to vote for Democrat ideas and politicians in the future.

In their greedy lust for raw political power, Obama, Democrats. and even some RINO Republications, have decided that pandering to the large potential constituency represented by Hispanics intent on invading America is more important than national sovereignty and security, maintenance of law and order, economic reality, and other matters of genuine concern to law-abiding American citizens.

As a result, American taxpayers are unfairly saddled with about $100 billion each year to fund housing, education, medical care, and other expenses for foreign invaders with no legal or spiritual right to even be in America, much less eligible, or entitled, to be on the public dole.

Furthermore, many of the invaders defiantly refuse to assimilate into American society by refusing to learn English, favoring their 3rd world origins over American values, and generally maintaining allegiances to failed states like Mexico, thereby creating conflict and social division which the Democrat Party is infamous for exploiting politically.

What is particularly distressing is the fact that the Democrat Party encourages illegal immigrants to remain hostile to assimilation; an especially odd position given a major need for new-comers to learn the customs and moral values of their new nation homes.

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The fact is that Democrat partisans care little about national unity: Again, the driving lust for political power is the only thing that drives Democrat politicians.

Much to his credit, President Trump is off to a reasonably good start with respect to ending Obama’s destructive immigration nonsense Much remains to be done, however, especially with the tens of millions of illegals whom Obama stupidly describes as “law-abiding legal aiienss!”

Hopefully President Trump will recognize the brutal truth: ALL ILLEGAL ALIENS ARE CRIMINALS AND SHOULD BE DEPORTED ASAP!

To so anything less, is unfair to American citizens and the millions of people seeking to migrate here in accordance with our laws!

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