ISLAMOPHOBIA: Embrace it and Pass it On!


Some fears are good. Today we live in a world of tv-zombified simpletons who don’t recognize the wisdom that grew from the analogy of a youngster touching a hot stove. The punch line that flowered from that tiny proverb, of course, is that the child learned the hard lesson of not touching whatever experience warned him not to touch. Simple enough.

A couple of decades ago a very popular ad campaign generated enough two-worded bumper stickers to make any teenager on earth deathly afraid of admitting to having any fear. Living with unfounded fears is not good, certainly. But dismissing or ignoring the fears that keep us alive and healthy is just as bad or worse. The hangover from that stupid anti-fear trend gave us a crowd of people today who truly don’t understand the very legitimate value of caution. No, these days the quickest way to get the world to line up for and fully support ANYTHING is to put the word ‘phobia’ behind whatever is being promoted. Everyone then cringes at being the target of ridicule that will be aimed at the ‘phobes’.

‘Phobia’ or ‘phobe’ suffix was discovered to be a great bulldozer for moving the opinion of weak-minded people

In the early 80s we saw the ingenious campaign that first used ‘phobia’ to expedite the popular, consensual validation of certain alternative lifestyles. In that push, the ‘phobia’ or ‘phobe’ suffix was discovered to be a great bulldozer for moving the opinion of weak-minded people who simply didn’t want to be called a ‘phobe’. Seeing that was such a slam dunk success, the left has been automatically calling anybody who would like the security of sane immigration practices ‘xenophobic’. And today anyone who expresses any reluctance, however justifiable, to the seeding of Quran-raised-and-trained Islamists into the Western world that hasn’t a nodding acquaintance with the true dynamics of that dictatorial government posing as a ‘religion’, is insulted with the new and improved, ultra-hip anathema, ‘Islamophobe’. It’s dumb. It doesn’t follow. But it works. And this has NOTHING to do with hating any person. It is entirely the system that controls them. THAT is what concerns us.

The short video accompanying this article should be required viewing for every thinking person on the planet. Unfortunately only a comparative few will see it. It is simply an edited clip from a video taken of ex-Muslim and ‘Islamophobe’, Farid Smahi, as he is confronting the foolishness of his hometown, Paris’, mayor, Anne Hidalgo. His words need little explanation. Right now if there is a video in today’s world that needs to go viral, this is it. If his fear of Islam’s advance upon his country and the world is at all misplaced or unfounded, I would defy anyone to identify an ounce of that in his presentation.

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America’s PRESIDENT Smashes The Syrian Syringe

I have written several articles regarding the insanity of our politicians opening our nation to the invading swarm of Islamists – WHOSE ‘RELIGION’ IS ONE THAT PROGRAMS ITS FOLLOWERS TO DESTROY EVERY GOVERNMENT OR RELIGION THAT IS NOT ISLAMIC. My most recent story, “America’s PRESIDENT Smashes The Syrian Syringe!”, was a more detailed, kindred version of the content and spirit of Smahi’s complaint.

But in all my writing on the subject I’ve never said anything better or more convincingly than the unavoidable crux of this righteously enraged Parisian’s horror. He uses the powerful, incisive words that Emile Zola used in a condemnation of the French military in the 1800s, “J’accuse!” (“I accuse!”) in a desperate attempt to rally his fellow French citizens to the outrageous conduct of their government.

The direly important WARNING ABOUT THE REALITY OF THE ISLAMIC RELIGION AND ITS CURRENT FORCED INSEMINATION INTO THE WORLD cannot travel fast enough to keep up with its damage – much of which is not being honestly reported to the media-dependent world. The cleverness of the dark lord, the very real devil, who is behind the promotion of Islam to the Western world can instantly be seen by experienced people like Farid. To anyone who has taken the time to closely and critically evaluate the substance and fruit of Islam, it is easily seen that this wolf is being sold to the unwary as a lamb.

For starters, the arrogant males of Islam, cruising under the boilerplate authority of sharia law, treat their wives – indeed all women – merely as housekeeping slaves and baby factories. Here in the West, Muslim females regularly dress in color-coordinated hijabs and robes. They can look real sharp adorned with scarves and waist jackets complementing the flowing colorful skirts that make a really independent statement gliding down the big city sidewalks of our free America. In that religion’s homelands however, where sharia is uncontested, such outfits or even a hint of feminism can earn a beating or even death for the woman.

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‘Planned invasion’ engineered to overthrow Western civilization and all of Christianity

To give an example of how Islam is marketed to the unknowing Western world, this year’s New York City University

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commencement exercise will be officiated by an articulate, beautiful young Muslim lady who is most often seen freely talking up her version of the Muslim life and encouraging Islamic immigration. Here in the west, she very obviously sports full makeup with a bright red painted smile; in Iran, Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia or anywhere else that the iron hammer of sharia is fully in place, she would be kept covered in black and she would be kept silent. But the naïve and trendy snowflake college girls don’t give that a second thought – because they are ignorant of it.

As former Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann has recently, wisely pointed out, Muslim immigrants who are being literally pushed out of the Middle East are part of the ‘planned invasion’ engineered to overthrow Western civilization and all of Christianity. As Farid Smahi laments in another portion of his rant, but not included in this clip, ‘there is no more France!’ It is his truthful cry because he has watched as Islam has eaten it up. Just as shortly there will be no more Germany, Sweden and soon, very likely even Canada and America. The anti-Western cancer of a very population/culture-consuming Islam will absorb and devour what is left of the rapidly disappearing free world.

So many professional politicians here in America, like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Maxine Waters and others, who see crises only as opportunities for political control, act as though they are unaware of the fact that Islamists are programmed by the Quran – the texts are hidden in plain sight – to jihad and overcome everything of the infidel that exults itself against their Allah.

Osama bin Laden, the world-class terrorist himself, admitted that he merely had to finally, more carefully read his Quran in order to fully understand the ‘real message’ of Islam. And so much of America – a willfully ignorant America – is helping to pull the Islamic Trojan horse into our land faster than sincere, knowledgeable, cautious leadership can reason with them or legislate against it.

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And when people make fun of the idea of America imposing a ‘religious test’ for immigrants? Yes, such a thought would be laughable if all religions were like what the West has been most accustomed to. Hustled on the West as a romantic form of Catholicism with robes and veils, the doctrine of the Quran is effectively a ticking time-bomb waiting to be armed, completely depending upon the depth of one’s familiarity with it.

Islam is a ‘religion’ that even authorizes deception

Islam is a ‘religion’ that even authorizes deception – LYING TO UNBELIEVERS – in order to further its cause – which is total domination and DEATH to all who oppose that. And for years Islam’s imams (teachers) have snickered at the sluggishness of the Western world’s rate of procreation compared to that of the Islamists who many proudly boast ‘breed like rats!’

At Canada Free Press I have shared many videos that have helped to expose the works of darkness, and (I say thankfully) in even helping to elect America’s most recent president. I have asked for the help of readers all over the world in forwarding clips that have aided in opening the eyes of many people to both good and bad things that need to be seen. I am here again asking for your help.

Our Christian Bible exhorts us to, “Have nothing to do with the works of darkness! But instead expose them!” (Ephesians 5:11) And so, my brothers and sisters in the faith – and indeed all those who love the truth – do a good deed this day and pass this video on to as many as you can! If we don’t act now, one day soon the opportunity to use our freedom for the good that the true God expects of us … will surely be gone – and as history documents, will never return.

Islamophobia is a good fear. Get it! Spread it!


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