Warmonger John McCain Tours Balkans; Unrest and War to Follow

Remember with warmonger John McCain told thousands of Ukrainian protesters camped on Kiev’s main square that Ukraine’s destiny lay in Europe and called for the removal of the elected President of Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovich to be removed?  Yes the war followed.

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Appears NATO is not finished yet in the Balkans, cutting out pieces of Serbia to give it to the Muslims,  in the end the Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic was found to be not guilty of war crimes but yet the damage was already done.

What should be concerning to all is Senator John McCain is at it again, this time the target is Macedonia and possible Montenegro as well. Expect conflict and some type of war to ensue in the coming months. The Albaniasation of the Balkans continues, it started with Bill Clinton and today McCain is taking Clinton’s torch and rushing into conflict.

The Kiev-style putsch in Macedonia aimed at overthrowing that nation’s democratically-elected government of Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski.

Protesters stormed the Macedonia parliament because Talat Xhaferi  an Albanian was declared speaker in an illegal, unconstitutional manner as part of an ongoing coup d’état. NATO seems to be up to its old tricks again trying to force in a NATO friendly government, all backed by the USA and guess who, John McCain.

Xhaferi was “elected” in an irregular manner, the US and EU quickly stated they recognize his illegal appointment in this majority Christian country of Macedonia. This now paves the way for ethnic Albanian parties and the smaller of two main Macedonian parties (Social Democrats) to proclaim a government without the constitutionally required go-ahead from the President of the Republic.

The latter has defied pressure from US and EU to allow the Social Democrats to form a minority government, without the relative winner of the elections the VMRO-DPMNE party, until their leaders drops his support for the Tirana Platform. The Tirana Platform is a Social Democrat pact with Macedonian Albanian parties drawn up in Tirana, Albania under the sponsorship of the Prime Minister of Albania, Edi Rama, to transform Macedonia into a bi-national Albanian and Macedonian state. Under the deal everything from the Macedonian flag, to its very name would have to be renegotiated with the Albanian ethnic minority.

Albanians already enjoy a status in Macedonia that Russians in Estonia and Latvia can only dream off. Their language is official where they form more than 20 percent of the population, and in Macedonia’s political culture the relative winner of elections among Albanian parties is always invited to participate in the governing coalition. (However now the US and EU want to cut out the winning party among the majority Macedonians — which the President is actually willing to do if only the losers, the Social Democrats, will drop the Tirana Platform.)

Macedonia’s Open Society Foundation owned by none other than George Soros is a USAID partner recruiting candidates for “Youth Engagement Support (YES) grants funding the unrest in Macedonia and illegally putting in people in positions of it government, and the citizens of Macedonia are not going to tolerate a NATO coup in their country, the protesters are in the streets.

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